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Gap Year Programs

Our gap year programs are uniquely co-located within communities and wildlife areas, away from the main tourist circuit, enabling all of our gap year volunteers to become part of the local community and experience complete cultural immersion as a guest, not a tourist!


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  • Volunteer in Africa on your Gap Year

    Volunteer in Africa

    Experience stunning scenery, world-class beaches and some of the world's greatest wildlife viewing; immerse yourself in African culture. 

  • Volunteer in South America on your Gap Year

    Volunteer in South America

    Discover the iconic sites of Machu Picchu and the Andes, explore the breath-taking rainforests and culture of South America. 

  • Volunteer in Asia on your gap year

    Volunteer in Asia

    From breath-taking exotic tropical islands, ancient temples, dense jungles; South East Asia offers a staggering diversity of experiences. 

You can be guaranteed to get involved in a wide range of award-winning ongoing community development and wildlife conservation volunteering projects throughout your time. You can choose how long you want to travel for; our trips range from 2 weeks to 3 months. 

If one country isn’t enough, you can add another one of our programs to make the most of your gap year experience. Our gap year programs include four main elements; Community, Wildlife, Environment and Adventure.

Working on projects from Monday to Friday leaves you with evenings and weekends to be part of a vibrant social scene with plenty of weekend excursions, parties and nights out to make the most of your new friendships with other gap year volunteers. There are plenty of adventure activities to challenge you and keep you entertained – from mountain trekking to scuba diving and kite surfing, you will be hard pushed to fit it all in!

Most itineraries will involve you staying in several of our locations as each place has a purpose which is to either support community or wildlife projects, give you a place to chill on the beach, or act as home for your wildlife viewing.

The benefits are immense – employers and universities look favourably on structured gap year programs, as it gives you a chance to build up your CV with skills and experiences that are unique and sets you apart from the crowd. Volunteers looking to enter UK universities also have the opportunity to gain additional UCAS points and university awards to give you a better chance of getting onto the course of your choice. Camps International offer you unparalleled safety and support throughout your gap year expedition. Contact us for more information.

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