Summer Preparations - Camp Tinangol

Last week i visited Borneo to run around the camps and check on the summer preparations for the fast approaching summer team season.  This is an annual thing where i get to poke around in the details of every camp - and trust me you really don't want the boss poking around too much because it leads to trouble! So obviously the Camp Managers were slightly nervous about my visit but they also know what i am looking for - details on the plans for projects and activities to be undertaken, budgets, safety documents especially casualty evacuation plans,staffing, sleeping plans - the list is endless.

Over the next few days i hope to show some pictures from each camp i visited to check on the summer preparations, so people can get a feel for the in depth preparation being undertaken at all our locations.

My first visit was to Camp Tinangol who will be hosting a summer school team for the first time this year.  We have taken the plunge and finally decided to build a second longhouse after several years of consideration and wishful thinking.  The ground breaking ceremony was held back in April and the gang wasted no time in getting stuck into the building, which is on track and on budget.  It may look far from complete but actually the bulk of the work has been completed.




Toilet with a view - a new block overlooking the forest

As well as  the longhouse, the teams visiting Tinangol have been very busy over the last 2 years building a kindergarten which has featured on these pages many times.  It is now nearing completion and it is our intention to try and finish it off this summer. Currently a gap team are working on the main staircase up to the main level.  Work here will include finishing the stairs, all walling and finish the flooring near the rear of the building and construct all lower walls using biocrete blocks and form work.  Loads to do and we hope to have an opening ceremony at the end of August to officially hand the building over to the community to be used.

Underneath will be walled using biocrete blocks

Work on the uprights for the front stairs


Do you ever stand up in these photos Rory.Or do you enjoy the seated view.

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