Summer Preparations - Stables Camp

Continuing the run-through of summer preparations for this coming summer's school teams from UK, the second camp i visited regarding summer preparations was Stables Camp inside the land of Sabah Tea.  This camp is mainly for trek teams to stay at after finishing their trek in the surrounding jungle, and after a much deserved day or two off.

We started using Stables as a location last year and this year we are looking to make our presence a little more permanent.  As the name suggests the camp is centred around an old stables block which we have turned into sleeping compartments.  I think it will be a really cool place to stay and live for a few days.

As far as projects go, the main work will be based around a larger tree nursery than last year, with the plan to plant and nurture 1000+ seeds and saplings, especially rubber trees which can be passed to the local community to start their own little micro-enterprise - the price of rubber trees has increased significantly making it difficult for locals to really start to grow their own.  In addition we will be running a number of workshops in order to thrash out ideas and plans for what to do with the Stables camp in the long run in terms of local tourism.  Eventually we hope to hand over the stables camp to the community to run their own mini eco-tourism project, but before we do that we really want some original ideas on how to attract visitors to the camp, what they would do there, who these visitors would be and what sort of camp would they expect to stay in.  So get your thinking caps on and we reckon the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding area will help to get those creative juices flowing.

Some interesting local foliage and view to Komonso Hill the trekkers will pass over


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