Notes from Sponne

Notes from Sponne School on their first week of summer season in Borneo at Camp Bongkud, has much to say on behalf of the whole team. They are having a great time and here's what they want to share on how they are enjoying it ...

Matt: Really enjoyed getting involved with project work and the rest of the group's enthusiasm. Best bit was teaching English in the school and getting to know the village kids.

David: Discovering "Dave's Theory" was a highlight. This basically was the discovery (after many attempts) of the best way to get perfect blocks out of the mould when giving cement block making a go. Talking to Chief Bindang and getting to know what he does and why.

Ellie: Loved the camp staff and learning about the local culture and helping out the community. Loved the bamboo stick dancing preformed by the local children and really enjoyed teaching and playing 'ninja' with them.

Lawrence: Learnt a new favourite game, 'ninja' - great fun! Really enjoyed helping out with all the projects - laying the foundations for a new classroom and teaching the local kids English. Loved playing rounders!

Briony: Walking up Bongkud Hill was a real achievement, so steep! Been landed on by several insects, a frog and a gecko - did freak out a lot!

Megan: Getting to know the group and Lainey (our Camps Leader) and seeing the difference in culture between Britain and Borneo, also the humidity is astronomical! Working in the school was very rewarding.

Anna: Learnt a traditional song from Bongkud about Mnt. Kinabalu and learnt a local dance where you had to act like a bird! Had lots of singing lessons on the guitar, being very dramatic and mouthing lyrics. Made an awesome logo board to be hung up in the camp (better than all the other schools, hehe).

Alfie: Project work is challenging but it's really good to see how we are progressing as we continue each day. I am really proud of the team of us who made 25 concrete blocks by hand in one afternoon! The local community are very welcoming and it will be sad to say goodbye when we leave.

Becki: Loving embracing a totally different culture, learning the language and traditional ways from the locals, and eating gorgeous local recipes. Really starting to appreciate how hard the locals work to maintain their village, making everything from scratch with basic tools - can be quite exhausting! Love the diversity of the wildlife. Definitely want to come back!

Tom: Loved teaching the most (and mostly playing with) the children at the school. One girl took a shine to me - giving me the nickname 'crazy boy.' The children were hard work, its the most I've sweated! Absolutely fallen in love with all the camp staff, the children and my fellow pupils - they all feel like family! I reckon I'm even warming to the bugs... If you have the drive and passion, I recommend this experience in a flash!

Grace: Chasing after a 7 year old student at the school who ran out of the classroom to find a chicken which he threw straight in the air when I told him to get back to class in 5 seconds was very funny! Even doing the washing has been funny.

Molly: Funniest moments so far - watching David and Alfie doing impressions and funny voices, discussing how to squat on a squat toilet and the routine everyone takes to check for bugs. Enjoyed food tasting, buying lots of random foods from the local shop and having to spit them out when they taste bad!

Jess and Alice: Talking about all the ridiculous stuff we could take up Bongkud Hill was funny. Trip song so far, Newton Falkner 'Alone Again.' Quote so far: 'SUL - Sweaty Upper Lip!'


Glad you are all enjoying yourselves. Missing you!!!!! Enjoy!!

Great to read your comments. Sounds amazing. We are all missing you. Have a great time!!

Sounds as though you are having a great time. Looking out for photos of you on facebook!!!

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