Canon Slade does the Tanga Tanga!

Canon Slade’s time at Camp Tanga has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. On our first day here we spent time in the sea tying seaweed onto lines to grow in the sea, before the local mamas could sell it on to be used all over the world. We had great fun competing between ourselves who could tie the most lines, of course being beaten completely by the mamas!

On day two we dug a hole, gathering dirt to mix with water, to splat onto the walls of one of two new houses being built in the village...50 bags of dirt and a broken record later we started to transport it across the village in just about the wobbliest wheelbarrow we’d ever seen…

Day three involved squelching through the pile of dirt (with our bare feet) that we’d collected and transported, mixing it with water to make the African version of cement before picking up handfuls to be thrown at the walls, though arguably more ended up on ourselves than the walls. In the afternoon we switched jobs to digging small deep holes to lay foundations for the second new house, along with creating the wooden framework of the house.


Our last days project work here involved finishing off the foundations from the previous day, then going to some mamas houses in the afternoon to be shown how to make the local delicacies of chapattis Tanzanian style and “visheti”, a sweet doughnut like biscuit which we enjoyed back at camp afterwards.

Today is a rest day and some people have gone off to enjoy snorkelling whilst some have stayed to sunbathe, have henna tattoos, and buy African clothes made to measure by a local lady. Overall our time here has been a great end to our trip to Tanzania and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Thanks Camps!



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