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Great time !!!!!

It’s the 4th of August today and we are currently sat around camp relaxing with a cup of tea. Some people are reading, others playing cards and more are playing football. We have not long come back from visiting the witch doctor...

The experience was extremely interesting and we felt as if we got a true insight into Kenyan culture. The display demonstrated what happens when someone in the village is ill and how they are healed by the witch doctor’s spiritual powers. They clothed us in traditional dress and we danced and sang throughout the afternoon.

This week has been spent concluding the projects we have been working on at the local primary school. Perhaps the most memorable being the painting of the tables and chairs for the reception class. During our first visit to the school we saw that the class for the smallest children was fairly bare. We decided to brighten it up by using greens, reds, yellows and blues to colour the little wooden chairs. It was a very positive experience as all of the children helped paint and dry the furniture. When we came back the next day to visit the class, the children were sat on their freshly painted tables and chairs. It was really rewarding for us to see the positive effect our work is having in the primary school.

Whilst some members of the group painted, other members helped to extend and improve the schools tree nursery. They began by digging the ground to make it the right environment for the trees to grow in, mixing manure and soil together, bagging the seeds and watering them too. They were laid out in a special area for the baby trees separated from the main school area to ensure that they stayed in the safest environment to allow them to grow. The importance of the tree nursery is great as it teaches the children about eco-friendliness and also means that the surrounding trees are not unnecessarily cut down.

Leaving the school yesterday after bonding so much with the staff and children came with an extremely emotional fair well. To show their appreciation, the school asked us to plant our trees from the nursery around the fence as a memory of our time there.

They also put on an afternoon of events which included speeches, singing and dancing from all members of the school. The scouts demonstrated a march and the girls performed a chant with the boys playing drums. It was lovely to see the children we had met participate in creative things and show off their talents.

Our sadness in leaving this part of Kenya reflects the amount of fun we have had in Mwaluganje, we shall take with us fond memories of camp life, meeting the children at the school and gaining an insight into how the community lead their everyday lives.

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