Trust in our Youth...

I am not one to get emotional about community projects but this afternoon when I dropped into Muhaka and saw our Trust House buzzing with activities, I was (for a change), lost for words. We know one of the serious problems in Kenya and many other parts of the developing world is lack of opportunity for youth. There are simply no jobs and very little hope to break out of the cycle of poverty. We are not fooling ourselves into believing that we are going to make a change for the entire youth of Kenya but we know we can make a change for hundreds of young people if not thousands within the small villages and surrounding communities we work in.

Setting up a Center where young people can receive training in basic skills like computer literacy, and tailoring and taking pride in being from a farming community where in the long term, alternative crops with an access to markets can lead to improving the overall standard of living...This was the vision that we proposed about two years ago and today the foundation has been laid. We have a roof under our heads, a bunch of computers and a few sewing machines...


As we complete our tailoring classroom, we have already started sewing away. At the beginning of this year, we initiated a menstrual support program by distributing pads to girls at Muhaka Primary and Secondary School. Over the last few months, we have been looking at various ways to upscale the program but also make it sustainable. Last month, we invited Project Mwezi, a small NGO working in western Kenya to help train the girls in Muhaka how to make their own rewashable pads which was a hit and today, more girls have joined who are being taught by their own peers and are busy sewing away all in the same little room!


Outside, a group of young boys having made their own volleyball pitch in between the banana plants, maize and chilli plants at the Trust House and are out there everyday...


There are far too many people to thank here for taking us this far. Gap year and School teams who have work tirelessly to clear the land, put up the buildings, filling bottles, planting; friends of the Camps Foundation who have who fund raised or contributed their own personal funds to support the sanitary pad program, computer center, our Trustees who shared our vision and raised the initial funds to help get us going; and the Camp Kenya staff who have embraced this concept as part of their's not an easy one to get your head around but many have so thank you.

We are just at the beginning of the journey but it's a great road so far...



Great news!!!! It is so exciting reading all these blogs from my desk in the UK office. Thanks Dipesh.

Fantastic news!! Amazing to see the results of all the hard work!! Much love to all at camp Kenya!!x

It looks amazing and I'm very excited about seeing it today. I can't believe that the germ of an idea we had really not so many years ago has grown into this. Thank you Dipesh. Rachel (Camps Foundation)

This is in line with vision 2030 in Kenya:creation of jobs,eradication of illiteracy etc leading to economic empowerment.

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