Izi Visits Camp Ecuador - Day 2

Izi visits Camp Ecuador - Day 2

Hola Mi Amigos, que tal?  That´s right, I know the lingo. Or not. I am struggling to communicate with these lovely, welcoming Ecuadorians, they don´t seem to mind though, or maybe they do....I can´t understand what it is they are laughing at when they turn to their pals and chuckle away. I´m sure it was a funny joke, or maybe they saw someone trip or something. It´s not that I can´t understand a word they´re saying but netherless keep nodding, smiling and saying enthusiastically "Ce, Ce!!"

Izi in Camp Ecuador Hard at work at Camp Ecuador

  • So today has been my second full day, and what a busy two days it has been already.
  • Nosebleeds due to altitude - 2
  • Beers - 3
  • Close encounters falling from the top of the Basilica - 1
  • Chapters of book read - 10
  • Hilarious one sided conversations with friendly Ecuadorians - 8

So you see, thus far it has been an adventure packed 2 days. I spent yesterday morning touring Quito with a chap called Roberrrrto (roll the R, it´s great fun and sounds better too). He was a very knowledgable guide and we visited modern and old parts of the city and went into a lot of Churches. I did write a list of all the places we visited so that I might include them in a blog, such as this. But ya now what, I left it in my room. Soz.  Rest assured we went to all the touristy hot spots and it was great and very educational. I parted from Roberrrrto at around 13:00 and had the afternoon to myself. I wandered around the old town of Quito, took a few photos, people watched and evesdropped on conversations, trying to pick up a few words here and there. When traveling this is one of my favourite pastimes.


I have just spent a considerable amount of time trying to upload some pics for your enjoyment, however this Ecuadorian computer thinks that my photos are dodgy, ergo, no photos (I can assure you they are of the highest standard). Apologies. I will inundate you all with my snazzy photography skills another day. You can count on it.

I have spent today with the wonderful Paola, our Camps International, Operations Manager here in Ecuador. She is a wonder. We visited Camp Maqui today, so that Paola could meet with an expert in permaculture, to discuss the potential for future projects at Camp. There is already a kitchen garden which was designed so that the food grown could then be harvested and used to provide the children with school meals. Despite everyones best intentions, the kitchen garden is not producing as much as it could be, and so Paola has sort the advice of an expert, who will help our volunteers make the most of the surrounding land at Camp. They have big and exciting plans, and I cannot wait to see the progress that is sure to follow.


Whilst Paola and the permaculture expert dicussed things I went off on my own little adventure to the Maqui Pucuna Reserve which is at 1280m above sea level. As far as I could tell I was the only visitor,but that forest is big and the tress are thick and high, so there could have been loads of people for all  I know. I did a short walk around the area to get an idea of what our volunteers have been involed with so far. Mostly thay have been creating signs to point visitors in the right direction, an to encourage them to stick to designated path ways, so to avoid as much damage to the area as possible. The noises were deafening, with birds singing, and insects... making insect noises. It was incredibly beautiful.


I am now back in Quito at the Casa Helbling hostel, which is owned and run by a lovely german fellow named Claus. It is friendly and comfortable and after two nights here I feel quite at home. Tomorrow I am being picked up in the morning and taken to Camp Amazonia, where I will spend 6 days. I have no idea what to expect, and that is cool. I´ll fill you in on this leg of my adventure when/if I return. There are dangerous animals in that jungle ya´know.


Over and out.


How very dare you! Also, I don´t get it.

"and evesdropped on conversations, trying to pick up a few words here and there. When traveling this is one of my favourite pastimes." Explains a lot Iz.

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