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Fundraising Friday Star - Bella Shackleford

The sun is shining, the weekend is upon us and we’ve definitely all got that Friday feeling here in the office! In a mere matter of months some of you will be out in country getting stuck into your expedition, how exciting is that?!?!

Make sure that you all log into your gateway and make sure that all of your details are correct and updated, especially your passport details so that we can actually get you on your flight!

Welcome to Camp Beng Pae !

Welcome To Camp Beng Pae!

It locates in Beng Pae Wildlife Area in Kampong Thom Province, the heart of the country. The journey there takes three hours from Siemreap City or fours from Phnom Penh Capital. This camp is the second property of Camp Cambodia. It was built in May 2014 and was ready to opened in June 2014. There are two long houses accomodates up to 70 guests, a restaurant and communal area, and a kitchen. The long house is designed and built in the local style, with opened wall to allow the cool air blowing through and covered by the grassroof.

Bricklaying Experts

The work at the new kindergarten project at Bongkud is progressing well, and many will recognise the project having been down at the foundation level for a while.  The walls are starting to take shape with some expert bricklaying from visiting schools.  This is Harrow International School from Bangkok who recently spent some time honing their trowel weilding and brick hoddying skills up at Bongkud.  Thanks to the school for their hard work and thanks Bea for the photos.  

Fundraising Friday Star - Joe

My turn again this week to tell you all about our Fundraising Friday Star as Sophie is not in the office today! That Friday Feeling is definately going around in this office and we all love the fact that Joe has worked really hard to keep his fundraising going-with some great successes too!  Joe has done a few different activities and even one massive event with a friend...but let me hand over to Joe so he can tell you about his activities himself.....

What To Pack...According To Callum and Chums!

Here at Camps, we are a global family with a number of diverse neighbouring communities, spread across 3 continents of the world. From the red soil wildlife reserves of East Africa, to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and the remote paradise island of Mantanani in Borneo; there is always something, some little gem to have in your backpack that will really come in handy!

Fundraising Friday Star - Becky Hales

So I am currently working my way through a very long list of potential Fundraising Friday Star entries! You guys are amazing and I love the fact that I always have a few new entries to glance over. I’m constantly amazed with all the different ideas you guys are coming up with.

Tinangol CLC Official Opening

We have just witnessed the handover of Bongkud community Centre in December and what a celebration we had with folks out there. We are still buzzing from that great occasion!

Over a week ago, we had yet another special occasion and this time it was the official opening of Tinangol Community Learning Centre (CLC)!


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