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Fundraising Friday Star - Amy

You know when you have those weeks when you cannot wait for the weekend? This is definitely one of those for me, but only because I am taking some of your lovely teachers on a recce to Borneo on Saturday! SO EXCITING! I am rather sad that I won’t be able to chat to you guys next week, but it means next time you call I can help give you a better idea of what to expect on expedition!!!

Fundraising Friday Star - Olivia

Last week I received the BEST EMAIL EVER, not even joking… An email about free shoes or chocolate could not have put a bigger grin on my face!

I love fundraising, and I love hearing from you guys! So when I receive an email specifically to tell me about your fundraising, it makes me the happiest girl in the world! Especially when it’s about an event that I would LOVE to go to!

This week’s Fundraising Friday Star is Olivia! She did her very own race night, complete with fake horses… 


We,ve just had a fantastic week in Tanzania with the American Community School Abu Dhabi. The team was great and everyone was dedicated to give back to the community.This is what they had to say.....

We have had several community service trips through our ACS school Abu Dhabi, but this year our service trip to Tanzania with Camps International have been a truly life changing for all of us. The things we did and the experiences we had were eye-opening.

Fundraising Friday Star - Euan

From what you guys have learnt about me in the past few weeks, you’ve probably realized I’m not a particularly conventional person to say the least! So, I must say my favourite holiday is Halloween; it is the best day of the year, and I want to get you guys ready for a bit of Halloween fundraising!

I know it’s three weeks away and you’re probably thinking, ‘just chill Sophie’! BUT three weeks is the perfect amount of time to plan an amazing Halloween fundraiser… I’m just trying to help you guys out!

Fundraising Friday Star - Jack

I’ve been back from holiday for two days, and I am seriously struggling! I am so happy that I’m back in time for Fundraising Friday though, it's like totally fetch! Hands up if you love it as much as I do...

MENGO Green Hunt

Earlier this year, Camp Borneo was selected to join MENGO (Malaysian Environmental NGO’s) which was a great accomplishment as the first non-NGO to be admited to the organisation.  Their goal is as follows: 

MENGO aspires towards an ecologically-sound, transparent, participatory and socially just society, through sustainable development policies and practices related to natural resources management and biodiversity conservation.

And the winners are....

And the winners are…


This year for the first time, Camp Ecuador ran an internal photo competition for our volunteers over team season. We chose three separate categories that we hoped would bring out the best in our budding photographers, ‘Funniest’, ‘Inspiring’ and ‘What Camps is All About’. After receiving many entries and deliberating over countless cups of caffeine in the office we have decided on the winners.

Before we announce them, we’d like to show you some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the cut.


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