Cycling Success - James' Story

Read James' story - He managed to fundraise all of his expedition money in plenty of time so we asked him to share his main successes!

School of Ethics

Camps International proudly featured in Gulf News: Friday Magazine's supplement this week! Anthea Ayache takes a look at how Camps' founder Stuart Rees Jones took to making mundane school trips a thing of the past through delivering the life-changing expeditions we offer today, and how these ethical adventures have now been opened up for the school children of the UAE.  Happy reading!

Save up to £300 in our Gap Year Price Drop

   Camps International Gap Year Price Reductions As we approach our 12th Birthday, we have taken some time to reflect on our outstanding project achievements, which we couldn’t have done without the help of our incredible volunteers of course!

Sasenyi School long term food and support program

In view of the Government of Kenya’s withdrawn feeding program for the Sasenyi School students, Global Angels and Camps International have stepped up to the mark to provide a minimum of 12 months staple food for the students. This initiative is not a short term humanitarian effort but a long term commitment to improve the welfare and subsequent learning ability of Sasenyi students.

Camps International appears on Abu Dhabi Media's The National website

Camps International featured on Abu Dhabi's The National website yesterday, highlighting a recent eight-day trip to Cambodia by Dubai students from Jumeirah College.  The students volunteered so children in the South-East Asian country would have a better chance at getting an education, helping to build accommodation, repair existing buildings and deliver water to the community.

Volutourism for Teens on OneNews

, We have recently partnered with Student Horizons in New Zealand, and were thrilled when founder Jamie Wansey appeared on national television this morning in New Zealand to talk about volunteer trips with Camps International! Check it out...

The 2013 Wooden Spoon Award

It's that time of year again you've all been waiting for. The hunting and highlighting of staff hilarity, where no silly misdemeanour goes unnoticed. It is indeed, the Wooden Spoon award. As you all know, our 2013 winner was Rhys Jones, and now we can unveil his poster…

Borneo 2013

Camp Borneo 2013 video blog by Emily Brooks

Stuart Rees Jones talks about sustainability tourism and social enterprise on Studio One, Dubai

We were very excited to see our CEO and Founder of Camps International, Stuart Rees Jones, featured on Dubai One's Studio One talking about sustainability tourism and social enterprise. Click here to view the interview. 

An accidental life changer at Camps International

I stumbled upon Camps International quite by accident really. I was working in a coffee bar as a part time barista and one day my habit of just talking with the customer paid off when it landed me a job! Thinking back now, it does sound quite like the start of a book. Waitress with a tiring job lands a job because all she asked a customer was, “What do you do?”  Well, more of that story in the future, now let’s talk about my first taste of Camps!


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