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Whirlwind Week In Borneo

I am always proud to work for Camps International, but nothing can heighten that more than being able to get the opportunity to travel abroad to one of our locations to see it for myself!

This October half term, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to travel to one of our Asian locations – Borneo – and what a place it is!

Shrewsbury Geography Fieldwork Trip

This month we had a group of International School students from Bangkok for their A-Level Geography Fieldwork Summary for Cambridge International Syllabus. They were studying the topics on Crowded Coasts & environments Fieldwork (various locations along the Kota Kinabalu coastline, including the port, islands, boardwalk, airport, business districts and tourist areas) and Population, Migration and Economic Transition (various locations around water village, outskirts of KK, townships, villages around KK)

Norsalleh The Forest Guardian

Late last year we were asked by the UK online Magazine - Trek and Mountain for an interview for a "local hero". The Local Heroes section basically involves hearing from the guys on the ground (local porters, chefs, trek leaders..) who help make trips so memorable for tourists travelling abroad to hike. We agreed to it after selecting a local hero that would be a great fit on the specific section featuring our local hero. The interview ran in June this year and published for Trek and Mountain.

Team Ungka Summer Blog

What's life like in Camps this summer? Faye and Ellie wants to share their experience here ... :-)

6am- woken up by the gong/ Lydia because our watch was wrong. Then breakfast time, with once again rice (our favourite) bread and jam and porridge

8am- time for our morning stroll to project work with sandy the dog, a mini jungle ten within itself. As we enter the village we were greeted by the smiles and hugs of our favourite little friends from the village.

Team Ikan Blog

Life in Camp Tinangol, well where do I start? Because it has got so many amazing qualities. I think I might start with the camp itself. It has beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. It is big and spacious but not too big that you have to walk for ages! It is on the edge of the jungle and the sounds are amazing. The long houses are spacious and surprisingly comfortable. They are made out of all natural materials so they blend in with the environment and it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It is surrounded by wildlife.

Team Orangutan Blog

After such a long journey, arriving at Camp Tinangol was a relief. The expectations of the food were pretty low but we were all taken by surprise at how good it was and seconds were even on the cards! Sleeping in a long house on the first night was an experience, especially feeling almost exposed to the outdoors but good sleep was had all around. A 6am wake up call was a little early but we were all ready and raring to go! The walk to the project site was pretty far but everyone kept the spirits high for the day of work ahead.

Team Tarsier Blog

Since starting this trip our comfort zones have been pushed, and it has possibly been the most fun we could have this summer. Learning to mix cement and laying bricks are skills that we can carry through our whole lives. Meeting people from different schools and different cultures has allowed us to make new friends across the world. Working hard and playing harder has been a really great mix throughout this scary and adventurous trip. Of course there have been tough patches but they have helped us to grow as individuals and as a group.


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