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Dream House

Mrs Boun Yoeun is 57 years old. Her husband and two sons were killed in the Khmer rough war. After his death, Mrs Boun Yoeun returned to her village but she found her home had been destroyed. Her neighbour helped her to build a little house for her and her daughter, her life was extremely difficult as you can imagine having lost her husband, two sons and her home.  In addition there was a lack of food, especially the staple food source of Cambodia, rice.

Tales from beneath the Mosquito Net

Let me introduce Dean!  One of our UK Regional staff – you normally find him presenting in early morning assemblies or in evening parents meetings…. but over half term, we let him loose!  Dean accompanied a group of teachers on our half term recce to Cambodia, so I will leave his story to him…

I find that I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m a 41 year old father of 2 and not a 16 year old boy as I’m about to embark on a week long taster of what our teachers and students can expect to experience in Cambodia next year.

Team Neak - Students' Feedback

This is team Neak (Dragon). The below information is the extract from the students' feedback:


Traveling to Cambodia has been such an amazing experience and I am certainly geatfull for the opportunity I was given to visit. Living amongth the local community, monks and my new found friends is definately something I will remember forever. Cambodia is such a beautiful country and I am proud to say I have been.

Team Garuda - Sudents' Feedback

Group's picture in the ruined temple called Beng Mealea. The temple is nearly one thousand years old.

This is Team Garuda group picture in Beng Mealea ruined temple near camp Beng Mealea. They traveled through Cambodia in four weeks, lived in the community camp and worked with local staffs to develop the community lives. Below is the students' feedback right before the end of their trip.



Yes there are tarantulas in Cambodia but they are virtually never encountered in the wild by our teams.  The only time they come across them is by the side of the road deep fried as snacks or as a pet for tourists to nervously touch.  Going through some pictures passed to me from Team Hanuman (credit to Amy Rumbold) i was taken by the awesome facial expressions from those brave enough to hold one.  I hope this doesnt give you nightmares - and please be assured handling/eating tarantulas is 1) safe and 2) not manditory for everyone!  


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