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The inspirational trip 2014 (Part 1)


There are many schools traveled to Cambodia with us since we opened the camp in the late 2010. Looking at all the photos from the year 2014 that we had from each school, Round Square Schools is the most inspring one. They had 22 days and traveled through Phnom Penh, Siemreap City, and both of our camps, Beng Pae and Beng Mealea. The photos below proves their strong commitment to help the local community and their great joys in each area.

In Camp Beng Pae

The roling ball in 2015

In the football match, the refferee whistled for the start of the game. The teams begin to kick the ball and challenge each other to get the goal. For my Cambodia team, the first day of the year is the start of our game. We are committing to work harder and the challenging the result in 2014 is our goal. We are working together with all volunteers from around the world on numbers of projects to develop our poor community. The photos below are the evidence about our project works from our groups of volunteers in the beginning of 2015.

My Dream

My dream comes true!

My first visit to Beng Mealea was in 1999. I saw the local people had a very hard living. The children were studying under the tree; finding the foods in the muddy field; working under the very hot sun; skinny and unhealthy looking. I was feeling so guilty to see these and I have thought about the possible helps for them in the future. Two years later, the proper access road was built and the foreign aids have been brought into the village. But, the demands have not been completed yet until now.

Welcome to Camp Beng Pae !

Welcome To Camp Beng Pae!

It locates in Beng Pae Wildlife Area in Kampong Thom Province, the heart of the country. The journey there takes three hours from Siemreap City or fours from Phnom Penh Capital. This camp is the second property of Camp Cambodia. It was built in May 2014 and was ready to opened in June 2014. There are two long houses accomodates up to 70 guests, a restaurant and communal area, and a kitchen. The long house is designed and built in the local style, with opened wall to allow the cool air blowing through and covered by the grassroof.

The Kulen Mountain of Lychees

In the month of January this year, Mala, who works as Administrator at our Camps International Asia office, had the opportunity to go on a familiarization trip to Cambodia. She visited most of the interesting attractions around the area that our volunteers would have gone on their trips. Mala returned with lots of great photos, stories to tell and would love to share some of her memorable and unforgettable experiences...


I read a quote recently from an American Ambassador stationed in Cambodia in the late 1990’s, which said, “Cambodia is an extremely dangerous country… you fall in love with it and then it breaks your heart!”  And do you know what…it is so true!

Cambodia Cycle recce trip - Part 2

The second day’s ride looks like it would cover about 50km along mainly dirt tracks with the occasional vehicle passing by – great scenery of open paddy fields and remote communes.  But the highlight is ending the day at Preah Khan temple – we arrived mid morning and were literally the only people there bar the guy chilling in a hammock at the temple car park.  It’s an awesome looking over-grown and falling down temple, very large, older than the Angkor Wat complexes and just completely deserted.  No crowds like Angkor Wat, the whole place to ourselves – and we’re thinking the teams will sl

Cambodia Cycle recce trip - Part 1

I wanted to write a quick blog to talk about the amazing road trip I had whilst looking for a new cycling route for school teams. We have been discussing establishing a proper 4 day/3 night cycling route for quite some time now – unfortunately life has been getting in the way of making it a reality. So finally I twisted Bunlay’s arm and we stuck in the diary a two day adventure to discover a suitable route.

A re-visit to Camp Borneo & Camp Cambodia!

It’s been an extremely rewarding few years working at Camps International since I left college and my Borneo 2011 trip with The Burgate School, watching thousands of volunteers spread hard work around the world where they have been making a real difference to the communities in which we work.


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