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Photo Competition 2014

After another incredible school expedition season draws to an end, we have been lucky enough to experience some of your highlights through our annual Photographic competition, which is getting bigger and better every year! We were blown away by the number and quality of entries this year and really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing and heart-warming moments that you captured during your time with us.

And the winners are....

And the winners are…


This year for the first time, Camp Ecuador ran an internal photo competition for our volunteers over team season. We chose three separate categories that we hoped would bring out the best in our budding photographers, ‘Funniest’, ‘Inspiring’ and ‘What Camps is All About’. After receiving many entries and deliberating over countless cups of caffeine in the office we have decided on the winners.

Before we announce them, we’d like to show you some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the cut.

And It's a wrap. Team Season Round Up from Latin America - Part 2 Peru


Part 2 - Peru

So I promised to give you the weekend to recover from our lengthy part 1 Ecuador wrap up, and now that you have here is part 2 - Peru. Not quite as long as currently there is one less camp but equally chock block full of incredible project work efforts, outcomes and fun times. So without further adieu...


#CampsGivingDay Ecuador 2014

We all awoke here in Ecuador to a flurry of #CampsGivingDay activities and emails (being 6 hours behind) from around the world. We all also awoke a little sluggishly and with a bit of a hangover after the Camp Ecuador fund raiser the evening before in Quito. After witnessing Damian's Irish dancing we were all a little jaded and we set off on an early morning journey to a school near Camp Kuri Kuchu.

29th November Camps International Challenge Day

Sponsoring challenges is something that we are used to in Britain, and possible Dubai.  However, over here in Latin America they have pretty much never heard of the idea and I think it is much the same in the other territories.  We can do the challenges, but we need to raise the money for it back in Blighty.

29th November is the date.  Andrea, our Projects Leader and Camp Manager of Camp Kuri Kuchu, and Edu, our Camps Leader and Camp Manager of Camp Maqui, will be summiting Chimborazo.  

Galapagos Islands, a unique wonder in the whole world

Hola Mundo

There is a proverb that says better late than ever, so here I would like to share a special recce to the Galapagos, with Amy Force, a great colleague that came to Ecuador for the first time ever, long time ago with Damian our Director, to find all the great camps in the country.

Now, this was her chance to finally see the Galapagos, a unique amazing place in the world. I always say I could live there with all the wildlife as a neighbor and the torquoise water of the ocean but of course dreams cost nothing.

Gap Year September 2013 at Camp Amazonia

Hello everybody Here are some of the  moments of our new gappers working hard in Camp Amazonia. We are working on a very important conservation project, planting 3000 seeds of Ahuano tree, an endangered species of the Amazonia that is almost disappearing from the forest. Take a look of all the work

gappers-selva-2.jpg Collecting sand for the plants



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