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Hummingbirds, Paddington Bears and Butterflies – An IB Geography trip to the Cloud Forest

One of the great things about working with local schools in-country is being able to share with them elements of their own country they never knew before. Here in Ecuador, the International Baccalaureate has become very popular within both private and public schools. More and more students are undertaking CAS (Community Action Service) projects and studying subjects such as Biology and Geography that require extensive fieldwork – out in the real world.

Flagellation and Fanesca – Ecuadorian Easter traditions to remind you the holidays aren’t all about chocolate and cuddly bunnies.

There are many things that are just a little bit different in this part of the world, Easter is one of them. Many years ago, as a 16 year old in Mexico, I witnessed my first non-bonnet Easter parade. The entire 14 Stations of the Cross were reenacted, complete with the hanging of Judas played by my friend Edgar. I vividly remember watching him being strung up from the tree at our local bus-stop as women wept and the younger folk giggled and booed. As his legs dangled he winked at me, clearly trying to reassure me that this was all quite normal and safe.

Latin American Gappers Hit the Galapagos

It’s hard not to love a place where the local wild life meet you with such obvious disdain, not even blinking an eye lid as they continue to sun themselves on the backs of boats and park benches or waddle their way along the board walk. Their cavalier, ‘seen one tourist seen them all’ attitude only serves to make them more adorable and worthy of stalking for that ultimate ‘sealfie’.

The Camps Effect – One Month One Child (Peru)

At times working for Camps allows you to go out and make a real difference. Last year I visited an orphanage in Cusco, not far from my house at the time. Lily, our Projects Manager here in Peru, and I were looking for a small project in Cusco that our gap teams could help out with. We arrived at the small, inner city orphanage to a great reception from the excited children. We then met the lady who is in charge of the house. She showed us around, introduced us to the ten children she was responsible for and told us a few of their stories.

Estudiantes del Colegio Becquerel trabajaron duro en la selva amazónica or, Local school Becquerel work hard in the Amazon (scroll down for English)

Por Andrea Meza, Líder de proyectos – Camp Ecuador.

Cuando llegaron los estudiantes del Colegio Bequerel, estaban bastante entusiasmados e intrigados por la magia de la Amazonía. Para la mayoría, era su primera vez en un lugar así.  Al principio, todos se asustaban por la presencia de insectos de gran tamaño, y era muy común escucharlos gritar cuando algún insecto se les acercaba.  Eso fue cambiando con el paso de los días, cuando no les quedó otra opción y se acostumbraron a ellos.

Photo Competition 2014

After another incredible school expedition season draws to an end, we have been lucky enough to experience some of your highlights through our annual Photographic competition, which is getting bigger and better every year! We were blown away by the number and quality of entries this year and really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing and heart-warming moments that you captured during your time with us.

And the winners are....

And the winners are…


This year for the first time, Camp Ecuador ran an internal photo competition for our volunteers over team season. We chose three separate categories that we hoped would bring out the best in our budding photographers, ‘Funniest’, ‘Inspiring’ and ‘What Camps is All About’. After receiving many entries and deliberating over countless cups of caffeine in the office we have decided on the winners.

Before we announce them, we’d like to show you some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the cut.

And It's a wrap. Team Season Round Up from Latin America - Part 2 Peru


Part 2 - Peru

So I promised to give you the weekend to recover from our lengthy part 1 Ecuador wrap up, and now that you have here is part 2 - Peru. Not quite as long as currently there is one less camp but equally chock block full of incredible project work efforts, outcomes and fun times. So without further adieu...



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