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Hakuna Matata - Kenya/Tanzania Recce Blog 2015

Hi all, my name is Emma and I work on the Expeditions team for Camps International. This October I got the opportunity to go to Kenya and Tanzania on the Teacher’s recce.

Throughout the course of the week, we visited several camps, local projects and communities. We landed in Tanzania at 9am, after flying through the night (and having several plane breakfasts!). Whilst there we visited Camp Mbokomu, Camp Kidia and spent two days at Camp Tanga (our beach camp – the views are absolutely stunning!).


The experience you draw when you volunteer in Africa is just Awesome; something that you get along to help, challenge yourself, and definitely you end up enjoying and have unforgettable memories. I called for my Gap year to Kenya and my trip, was just beyond my anticipation


The first thing I noticed when I woke up in Camp Tsavo was the amazing view of land and mountains. On my first day we went to Sasenyi Primary School, the head teacher met us there and talked a bit about the school and what they have done so far.

Kenya Memories

We said our goodbyes to the incredible CPhI Angels on Sunday. It was a pleasure to spend the week with such a fantastic group of people, with an inspiring desire to step up and do something amazing.

After completing the classroom floor at Sasyeni School, we spent our last days in Kenya learning more about the day to day lives of the Tsavo community.

CPhi Angels in Kenya!

We were super excited to collect our first CPhI Angels group from Mombasa Airport on Saturday 05 September..........

CPhI are a global pharmaceutical exhibitor who have teamed up with our charity partner Global Angels, to run a corporate trip for the CPhI community.

During their 8 days in Kenya, the team will be helping with a new classroom construction at Sasenyi School and seeing first-hand the incredible initiatives that Camps International are running.

Here’s a glimpse into the first few days of the Kenya adventure:


We've had a fantastic summer in Kenya-Camp Tsavo and at the moment we are all back home safely. I  thought to share this amazing experience with you......................

Breakfast was  as usual at 7:30am and then we were off to project work! The projects varied from improving primary school infrastructures to helping local women in their farms as well as helping to expand water catchment in a wildlife sanctuary.


This last blog is being written on our last day in Kenya: we are on the verge of leaving Kenya to either go home or go to Tanzania.

We’ve had some amazing experiences, learned a lot and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

We went on a safari at Tsavo East Safari Park and saw elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, dik-diks, monkeys and many more.



After a long time travelling, we finally arrived at Nairobi and were welcomed by the Camps International Staff. The contrast between our world and the African world is indescribable. One of the first things we saw were giraffes at the side of the road; we were speechless.

When we arrived at camp after a 7 hour trip, had a good night sleep and admired the amazing starry sky, we went through a very interesting orientation.


It was a huge blessing to have a dedicated team of 19 pax from Avon Valley School (UK) last Month.This group spent two weeks in Tsavo doing a community project work at Sasenyi Primary School; School located in the rurals of Kenya-Tsavo Region. They got engaged on making 10 desks for 20 children who have been siting on the floor due to lack of chairs and they desperately needed desks in class.The group loved the experience in Kenya and mentioned the trip as an eye opening to them.......................................

Tom Cowan:


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