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Thinking about our life with Camps since we arrived on January at Camp Tsavo, every one of us admits that Kenya is a lovely country, very friendly and incredible people and what Camps does for the communities, is absolutely great.

 Our work to complete the long drop toilet has continued a little bit slower than we first thought it would be, but it has been immensely satisfying to see the whole structure fit together.

A guide to biodiversity project work

So I know I usually write the silliest blogs ever, but I'm not quite the air head I seem to be(!). Camps International means a lot to me, not just because of the incredible people I work with, or the beautiful places we visit. Camps International is not a company that plans holidays, what we do is create expeditions, which in turn create opportunities for people to grow and learn things they may otherwise not get the chance to. It takes a long time, and a lot of planning, and that is just the logistics of getting volunteers to the country they want to go to.


Well, It's a New Year ,New Gappers in Our New Camp, all pleasantly enjoying the Camp Tsavo incredible environment and the services from our friendly staff. The group has been working solidly on a new boys toilet block in one of the local schools close to our Camp.They are all having a fantastic moment and this is what they have to share..............

2014 Healthcare Outreach Program - Camps International brings free services to the rural disputed Marungu Community Kenya

We’ve just come back from a busy two weeks healthcare outreach program feeling strong and rewarded after a very successful mission to break the cycle of poverty through  free healthcare services in the highly ‘challenged’ community of Marungu Hill and its environs.

Unlike other previous clinic outreaches where we have been always based on Msambweni County (Kenya Coast) this year our program took new direction to face the reality and help improve the lives of adults and malnourished children in the rural of Taita-Taveta County.

Photo Competition 2014

After another incredible school expedition season draws to an end, we have been lucky enough to experience some of your highlights through our annual Photographic competition, which is getting bigger and better every year! We were blown away by the number and quality of entries this year and really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing and heart-warming moments that you captured during your time with us.


Our volunteers have been tirelessly building an emergency ward in Muhaka dispensary since January 2013. The aim of this project was to provide a place where serious patients would be able to be admited and receive sufficient medical treatment from proffessional Doctors and Nurses. I thought by sharing this bit of story and inspirational achievement done so far by our volunteers, will make your day a nice one……


Our Epic Africa Team Season 2014

WOW! Where to begin?!

In Tanzania we have just had the season of all seasons with over 900 volunteers experience community project work, wildlife conservation, adventure and cultural activities … all in the space of 6 short weeks! How on earth are we going to summarise that in a short blog? Well, the simple answer is that we can’t. Sooo …. This is a mammoth blog and we expect you to read from start to finish as what has been achieved in such a short space of time is astounding!

Jambo from Tanzania SDX 2014

Our SDX team have been training and coaching sports in two of the local Schools in Tanzania.Just within two weeks alot has been achieved and this is what they had to share....

The trip can be summarized by every day’s journey to school through the villages, where everyone is happy to see us as they appreciate everything we can give them, even if it just a hand to hold.


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