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Blog written by Camp Peru's very own Project Leader Lily Sánchez Morales..

Christmas is a special time in South America and Peruvians love the holiday. While there is a strong indigenous population, most Peruvians are Roman Catholics and it is understandable that Christmas is a very big holiday in the country. While some celebrations are similar to those in Europe and North America, there are some unique traditions that reflect the nation's history and make Peru a special place to be during the holidays and one that makes for a great holiday destination.

Whirlwind Week In Borneo

I am always proud to work for Camps International, but nothing can heighten that more than being able to get the opportunity to travel abroad to one of our locations to see it for myself!

This October half term, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to travel to one of our Asian locations – Borneo – and what a place it is!

Ecuador 2015- breakdown of a brilliant week!

Without further ado I would like to turn your attention to our latest blog. It was written by Tommy who is one of our new boys at Camps. Cambodia was great but after reading this I wouldn't mind popping off to Ecuador too! Take it away Tommy....

I wrote this blog after a truly brilliant week that was Ecuador 2015.

Me and my colleague Sharon from Camps began our travels on a wet Saturday evening in Terminal Two of Heathrow airport. One by one, teachers rolled through the doors, joining the convoy en route to what would be a week packed full of memories.

Tales from beneath the Mosquito Net

Let me introduce Dean!  One of our UK Regional staff – you normally find him presenting in early morning assemblies or in evening parents meetings…. but over half term, we let him loose!  Dean accompanied a group of teachers on our half term recce to Cambodia, so I will leave his story to him…

I find that I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m a 41 year old father of 2 and not a 16 year old boy as I’m about to embark on a week long taster of what our teachers and students can expect to experience in Cambodia next year.

Hakuna Matata - Kenya/Tanzania Recce Blog 2015

Hi all, my name is Emma and I work on the Expeditions team for Camps International. This October I got the opportunity to go to Kenya and Tanzania on the Teacher’s recce.

Throughout the course of the week, we visited several camps, local projects and communities. We landed in Tanzania at 9am, after flying through the night (and having several plane breakfasts!). Whilst there we visited Camp Mbokomu, Camp Kidia and spent two days at Camp Tanga (our beach camp – the views are absolutely stunning!).

Behind the scenes at Camp Ecuador

You all know about the amazing work that happens during team season every year, and we thought that perhaps you might enjoy a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. As you can imagine, preparing for a few hundred teenagers to arrive into a foreign country is no small task. Not only are there the camps to get ready, there is the food – very, very important, all of the project supplies to arrange and of course, quite a lot of interviews and training for all of our support staff both in the communities and here at HQ.

Friday Farewell!

It feels like the end of an era… but also, I've had a lot of sugar, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate! One sentence into this blog and I am already seriously distracted! Sorry guys, right, lets try again. I have some sad news; today is my very last day in the office


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