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Hakuna Matata - Kenya/Tanzania Recce Blog 2015

Hi all, my name is Emma and I work on the Expeditions team for Camps International. This October I got the opportunity to go to Kenya and Tanzania on the Teacher’s recce.

Throughout the course of the week, we visited several camps, local projects and communities. We landed in Tanzania at 9am, after flying through the night (and having several plane breakfasts!). Whilst there we visited Camp Mbokomu, Camp Kidia and spent two days at Camp Tanga (our beach camp – the views are absolutely stunning!).

Behind the scenes at Camp Ecuador

You all know about the amazing work that happens during team season every year, and we thought that perhaps you might enjoy a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. As you can imagine, preparing for a few hundred teenagers to arrive into a foreign country is no small task. Not only are there the camps to get ready, there is the food – very, very important, all of the project supplies to arrange and of course, quite a lot of interviews and training for all of our support staff both in the communities and here at HQ.

Friday Farewell!

It feels like the end of an era… but also, I've had a lot of sugar, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate! One sentence into this blog and I am already seriously distracted! Sorry guys, right, lets try again. I have some sad news; today is my very last day in the office

Help us reach out to 100 children in 24 hours!

On the eve of the annual Camps Giving Day, employees from our UK and UAE offices have each pledged their support to our global education initiative: One Month One Child.

The One Month One Child movement typically applies to our 18+ travel experiences. When a volunteer joins one of our programmes, we equip a child in South America, Asia or East Africa with everything they need for school. Since launching this campaign in February 2015, we have purchased essential school supplies for over 80 children.

The Staff Challenge!

Flagellation and Fanesca – Ecuadorian Easter traditions to remind you the holidays aren’t all about chocolate and cuddly bunnies.

There are many things that are just a little bit different in this part of the world, Easter is one of them. Many years ago, as a 16 year old in Mexico, I witnessed my first non-bonnet Easter parade. The entire 14 Stations of the Cross were reenacted, complete with the hanging of Judas played by my friend Edgar. I vividly remember watching him being strung up from the tree at our local bus-stop as women wept and the younger folk giggled and booed. As his legs dangled he winked at me, clearly trying to reassure me that this was all quite normal and safe.

The Kulen Mountain of Lychees

In the month of January this year, Mala, who works as Administrator at our Camps International Asia office, had the opportunity to go on a familiarization trip to Cambodia. She visited most of the interesting attractions around the area that our volunteers would have gone on their trips. Mala returned with lots of great photos, stories to tell and would love to share some of her memorable and unforgettable experiences...

Peru Teacher Recce 2015

When people think of Peru, they usually think of Macchu Picchu. But there is more to Peru than Macchu Picchu… Much, much more!


This October half-term, a group of nine British teachers and a bear travelled to Peru to visit some of our exciting camps and projects, and get a feel for the country before their four week expedition in the summer of 2015.


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