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And the winners are....

And the winners are…


This year for the first time, Camp Ecuador ran an internal photo competition for our volunteers over team season. We chose three separate categories that we hoped would bring out the best in our budding photographers, ‘Funniest’, ‘Inspiring’ and ‘What Camps is All About’. After receiving many entries and deliberating over countless cups of caffeine in the office we have decided on the winners.

Before we announce them, we’d like to show you some of our favourites that didn’t quite make the cut.

Sarah's going Camps International!

So, in less than 2 weeks time I am being free'd from the office and let loose in the world with my end destination ultimately being Camp Borneo & Camp Cambodia! Which is pretty exciting right? OH YES but I also happen to be the most unorganised person in the world so this is certainly a challenge amongst all the excitement! In 2012 I was lucky enough to visit Camp Kenya & Camp Tanzania so I should be a pro at it by now you would think...

Camp Borneo's Giving 100% Pledge

The Camp Borneo team are currently snowed under with several large International School groups as well as some gappers so are somewhat busy and unable to focus fully on a day of giving.  However it doesnt mean they have forgotten about it and have made some plans for when things quieten down a bit.  here's what they're planning/pledging....

1) Camp Borneo “Camps Kitchen Recipe” Book.   The idea is to collect and compile signature dishes from all of our Camp locations, created and cooked by our staff

Announcing the Asia Challenge for 2014

Some of you, well i hope most of you, will remember the tales of vomit, farts and pooh that accompanied the Camp 2 Camp Challenge event I put myself through last year (and raised over $5k for the Foundation) and so on this #CampsGivingDay I reckoned it would be a good day to announce the next half-baked nutty idea.  If you dont remember last year check out my blog post here....

Camps 100% Giving Day - 29th May 2014

Every year on our birthday (29th May) we have started what we have called the Camps 100% Giving Day.  We felt that with all the fundraising various volunteers have undertaken towards our projects over the years, the very least we could do was to give one day a year where everyone in the company committed to some form of fundraising or challenge.

Summer Fundraising Successes

This summer has been a scorcher for fundraising success stories.  Many thanks for everyone who sent theirs into us at Camps International HQ. Below is a selection of students who have completed a variety of big and small events...

Suzannah did a sponsored 25-mile bike ride, this is her story:

"The main fundraiser I have done, along side working and writing to companies was a sponsored 25-mile bike ride.


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