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The Sports Development Expedition 2014 (SDX) in Tanzania was incredible one and everyone from the team enjoyed all aspect of the trip. Just before saying bye, they had something to share.....

Our trip has been incredible. A highlight of the week was handing over a whole team’s football kit and equipment to Bala, the village’s youth team coach.

Our Epic Africa Team Season 2014

WOW! Where to begin?!

In Tanzania we have just had the season of all seasons with over 900 volunteers experience community project work, wildlife conservation, adventure and cultural activities … all in the space of 6 short weeks! How on earth are we going to summarise that in a short blog? Well, the simple answer is that we can’t. Sooo …. This is a mammoth blog and we expect you to read from start to finish as what has been achieved in such a short space of time is astounding!

Jambo from Tanzania SDX 2014

Our SDX team have been training and coaching sports in two of the local Schools in Tanzania.Just within two weeks alot has been achieved and this is what they had to share....

The trip can be summarized by every day’s journey to school through the villages, where everyone is happy to see us as they appreciate everything we can give them, even if it just a hand to hold.

Gapping it right in Tanzania

Work hard and play hard. We love our Gap in Tanzania Program!


The first night we spent in a hotel near Kilimanjaro airport. We all met up the next day and started our long drive down to Tanga. The views on the journey were amazing but a good few hours were spent sleeping. We got to camp bleary eyed 8 hours later and were warmly welcomed by Anderson and the SDX group. Early nights all round!

The year gone by at Camp Tanzania

A couple of weeks back we said kwaheri  to our last lot of November volunteers and it felt like just  the other day that we made this huge move into our own location in Tanga. So many volunteers have come through since Jan, 2011 and a huge impact is evident in the little fishermen’s community of Mwambani. Tommie has been reflecting on life in the sleepy and peaceful little fishing village where our main Tanzanian base is...



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