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Gapping it right in Tanzania

Work hard and play hard. We love our Gap in Tanzania Program!


The first night we spent in a hotel near Kilimanjaro airport. We all met up the next day and started our long drive down to Tanga. The views on the journey were amazing but a good few hours were spent sleeping. We got to camp bleary eyed 8 hours later and were warmly welcomed by Anderson and the SDX group. Early nights all round!

The year gone by at Camp Tanzania

A couple of weeks back we said kwaheri  to our last lot of November volunteers and it felt like just  the other day that we made this huge move into our own location in Tanga. So many volunteers have come through since Jan, 2011 and a huge impact is evident in the little fishermen’s community of Mwambani. Tommie has been reflecting on life in the sleepy and peaceful little fishing village where our main Tanzanian base is...


Thanks Camps

Dear Camps Team
As our final school teams return to UK I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for delivering another epic summer season.  I would be grateful if team leaders could ensure that those staff without access to email also get the message and understand that everyone has played an important role in delivering our clients home safely and with big smiles.

Taking it a Notch higher

Well five seems to be our lucky number at Camp Tanzania. The month of May has come and gone but just like last month, we hosted 5 volunteers. However, this group decided to literally take things a Notch higher. They went all out and lived life just like mbongo’s (locals). They helped with daily chores, farming, tending to cattle and working at a local School and of course an amazing safari! Hear it from the volunteers themselves (we are certainly very proud so thank you CT May Gappers!):


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