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The Camps Foundation

This is our 100% guarantee

The Camps Foundation raises the additional funds needed to support the huge range of project commitments by Camps International.  The company pays for all administration expenses, so that every penny raised by the Foundation is a penny spent on projects around the world. 100% of all donations raised are spent on essential projects.

We use our company resources on a not for profit basis, our staff and network of committed volunteers and friends to raise funds. The company pays for all administration of the Foundation and our charitable affiliate (The Camps Foundation), so every penny raised is a penny spent on projects. Additionally, when you travel with Camps International, on average over 40% of your money is spent in support of projects due to our unique model of building camps where our input has the most benefit. That's why we consider ourselves to be a world leader in responsible business.

View our Trustees Annual Report for more information on the work the Camps Foundation has been doing this year. 

If you would like to make a donation, please use the Just Giving widget below or email projects@campsfoundation.org for more information.

Camps International covers all administrative costs, salaries etc. Every Foundation penny is spent on our projects.

The Camps Foundation is our way of demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the wide range of projects and activities that have been developed by Camps International since 2002 and encompasses all our corporate social activities. We believe that the unique way in which we own and manage our own camps and projects is the key to a truly sustainable enterprise based on sound ecological and business principles. We work exclusively in rural villages and wildlife conservation areas where poverty levels are high and there is virtually no form of income beyond small-scale farming, to build capacity in areas that would otherwise never benefit from tourism. Our conservation projects are targeted to include four of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots and aim to increase the value of wildlife and habitats by working with communities to develop economic benefits to over-exploitation of natural resources. This results in a reduction in conflict between people and wildlife, as well as encouraging environmental stewardship from the local communities.

Our projects have benefited over 30,000 people, providing communities with employment and better access to education and healthcare. Additionally, by establishing The Camps Foundation, a charity to work alongside the business, we have provided increased support to numerous projects that are independent of our volunteer programmes. This ensures that we maintain the balance between our commercial and philanthropic goals without one compromising the other.

The Camps Foundation also provides clarity in how we fund our project initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Projects are funded in three ways:

1) Volunteer Contribution

Every volunteer contributes both physically and financially to the projects they will be working on, with around 40% of their expedition costs going towards projects and associated costs in the support of projects. This includes project materials, local camp costs, project staffing and project transport. The remaining amount is allocated to other expedition costs, e.g. flights, insurance, administration and profits.

2) CI Foundation

The CI Foundation is a term that describes all of the activities undertaken by Camps International in support of our projects. As well as a financial contribution from our volunteers, all staff at Camps International are additionally raising funds in support of our initiatives. We work towards an annual target to ensure that all our projects are adequately funded by organising and participating in a wide range of fundraising activities, from charity expeditions and challenges, to grant applications and individual sponsorship. Projects are reviewed regularly to ensure that the funds are allocated fairly to the people and areas that need it most. This enables us to have an even bigger impact in our host countries and offer an even wider range of life-changing experiences for our volunteers.

3) The Camps Foundation

The Camps Foundation is a registered UK charity (no: 1125858). Project funds are routed through The Camps Foundation and subsequently allocated to projects. This includes funds generated through the activities of the company and earmarked for specific projects, and donations from individuals for both specific and generic use.

Read our 2015 project guide below for more information on how the Camps Foundation is benefiting the lives of the communities we support:

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  • Tsavo Wildlife and Community

    Work on a wide range of exciting wildlife and community activities. Based in a private wildlife sanctuary, help to protect endangered animals and support local people.
  • Marine Conservation

    Help protect this fragile ocean and coastline by working closely with local children on recycling, art and education activities designed to promote marine conservation.
  • Sports Development in Kenya

    Gain valuable skills and inspire young people by coaching sports in a rural African community. Improve sports facilities and work as a team on this rewarding expedition.
  • Healthcare Volunteering

    This rewarding expedition is open to all healthcare professionals and students. Use your skills and expertise in a challenging environment to help families in need.  
  • Beng Mealea

    Improve living standards for a charming Cambodian community. Visit amazing temples like Angkor Wat and learn about the country’s recent history at the killing fields.
  • Tinangol

    Camp Tinangol is close to the community and comprises two beautifully crafted traditional longhouses, allowing you to become immersed in the local culture and traditions.
  • Coastal Community

    Support a wide range of marine conservation and community projects on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. Support sustainable fishing activities and help marine wildlife.
  • Kaya Forest

    Work alongside the village elders to protect this biologically and culturally important sacred forest by promoting eco-tourism and reforesting damaged areas of the Kaya.
  • Cloud Forest

    Work on a wide range of exciting wildlife and community activities. Based in Ecuador’s awesome cloud forest, help protect endangered animals and support local people.
  • Tanga

    Support a small coastal village by working on a range of sustainable marine projects such as seaweed farming and boat building. Also help improve school facilities.
  • Amazon

    The ultimate Amazon experience as you live and work alongside local people in the rainforest. Learn about local traditions and help support the conservation of wildlife.
  • Mantanani

    Activity-packed projects on an idyllic tropical island. Improve living and education standards for the islanders and help protect endangered marine turtles.
  • Permaculture Volunteering

    For those interested in working in International Development, help create a viable and truly sustainable system to address environmental degradation and food shortages.
  • Batu Puteh

    Help protect an important part of Borneo’s famous jungle and support orangutan conservation. Work on reforesting damaged parts of the jungle and monitor wildlife.  
  • Bongkud

    Work on a wide range of sustainable community projects within a large village in Borneo. Be part of the community as you learn traditional crafts, songs and dances.
  • Sports Development in Tanzania

    In Tanzania, structured sports education and inter-schools competition is virtually non-existent due to a lack of resources and time.
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