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Sasenyi School long term food and support program

In view of the Government of Kenya’s withdrawn feeding program for the Sasenyi School students, Global Angels and Camps International have stepped up to the mark to provide a minimum of 12 months staple food for the students. This initiative is not a short term humanitarian effort but a long term commitment to improve the welfare and subsequent learning ability of Sasenyi students.

Camps International appears on Abu Dhabi Media's The National website

Camps International featured on Abu Dhabi's The National website yesterday, highlighting a recent eight-day trip to Cambodia by Dubai students from Jumeirah College. 

The students volunteered so children in the South-East Asian country would have a better chance at getting an education, helping to build accommodation, repair existing buildings and deliver water to the community.

Camp Maqui Community Project work with Venezuela school


Camp Maqui has played host to Camp Ecuador’s first “local’ school: local in this context meaning Latin American, they still had a full day’s travel from Venezuela.

The group from Monagas School, from the plains of northern Venezuela, spent five days at Camp Maqui, and a few days with the Otavaleños.  The environment in Santa Marianita is totally different from that around Monagas, which means, although we had the unique experience of all our clients speaking Spanish, they had an experience totally different from there normal lives.

Gap Year Diaries - Tsavo

On the 24th of January, the Aussie Gap team moved from Camp Muhaka to Tsavo. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff here and presented with lunch. We were then given a brief overview of the camp and its projects. These included making elephant dung paper, the tree nursery, sanctuary maintenance, Sasenyi School, wildlife monitoring, the bush adventure and lastly the safari.


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