Galapagos Islands, a unique wonder in the whole world

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There is a proverb that says better late than ever, so here I would like to share a special recce to the Galapagos, with Amy Force, a great colleague that came to Ecuador for the first time ever, long time ago with Damian our Director, to find all the great camps in the country.

Now, this was her chance to finally see the Galapagos, a unique amazing place in the world. I always say I could live there with all the wildlife as a neighbor and the torquoise water of the ocean but of course dreams cost nothing.

Allerton School at Camp Kuri Kuchu in the north mountains of Ecuador

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Here are some of the pictures of the time for Allerton school at this beautiful camp in the mountains of Ecuador. Working with the mud for the Rural Tourism project "Casa Kuriquinge"  and the Mural project for enviromental education at the comunity house, a futbol match with the Indigenous and a final dance was some of this great time.

Gap Year Diaries - Tsavo

On the 24th of January, the Aussie Gap team moved from Camp Muhaka to Tsavo. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff here and presented with lunch. We were then given a brief overview of the camp and its projects. These included making elephant dung paper, the tree nursery, sanctuary maintenance, Sasenyi School, wildlife monitoring, the bush adventure and lastly the safari.

Gap camp in the Ecuador Amazon

Over the weekend, with16 Gappers heading for Camp Amazonia, we and the community put the finishing touches to the building.  It looks great, even if it is not easy to photograph because there are trees absolutely everywhere.  "Can't see the wood for the trees"? - being in the Amazon puts a slightly different perspective on that concept.

With the group now there, we will post more photos this week with the place occupied and alive.

Localized storm over the Amazon

Jungle Research 3, Deramakot Forest Reserve

Although our team season, our busiest time of the year has completed almost a month ago, here at Camp Borneo, work continues with gappers in country (currently sat in the jungle by the Kinabatangan river as we speak) and apart from that, our support for Michael Galante’s forest research continues. If you have been following my previous blog on Camps forest research work out here in Borneo since April, this is the 3rd work phase before the final research work. If you havent, read about our support on work done firstly at SFI and then Sapulut.

The Gap Diaries...

Blog written by Faebian Averies (Camp Kenya)...

Great time !!!!!

It’s the 4th of August today and we are currently sat around camp relaxing with a cup of tea. Some people are reading, others playing cards and more are playing football. We have not long come back from visiting the witch doctor...


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