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Gap Year September 2013 at Camp Amazonia

Hello everybody Here are some of the  moments of our new gappers working hard in Camp Amazonia. We are working on a very important conservation project, planting 3000 seeds of Ahuano tree, an endangered species of the Amazonia that is almost disappearing from the forest. Take a look of all the work

gappers-selva-2.jpg Collecting sand for the plants


Veteran Volunteers - Part 6

A Camps International case study
Here comes part 6 in our "Veteran Volunteers" blogging series, we hope you love it and find it useful. Enjoy!

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Name: Josh Stainthorp

Year of Travel: 2011

1) Where did you travel to with Camps International?

Veteran Volunteers - Part 2

A Camps International Case Study
Hello and welcome to this, the second instalment in our "Veteran Volunteers" blogging series. If you would like to share your experience with us please email me - just click here.


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Name: Oliver Chivers

Iliniza Norte,


This weekend we had a little expedition up Iliniza Norte, to recce it for groups.

Just south of Quito is "The Valley of the Volcanoes", which is dotted with active, dormant and extinct volcanoes of varying heights.  The most famous, and the highest active volcano in the world, is Cotopaxi, but there are many others and most of them are climbable.  We have it in mind that there maybe great experiences out here that we can offer visitors to Ecuador.  So, I dusted down the boots and got myself out there.

Project work parties and dancing like Mr Bean

There are times in the life of Camps that we are either starting or finishing something.  Sometimes that involves a bit of a party, and we have had a few of those lately.

Often at the end of project work the community like to say thank you with singing and dancing.  Of course, some projects last for years so occasionally they do this just because a group is leaving so they are saying good bye to those guys.

Gap Year Diaries - Tsavo

On the 24th of January, the Aussie Gap team moved from Camp Muhaka to Tsavo. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff here and presented with lunch. We were then given a brief overview of the camp and its projects. These included making elephant dung paper, the tree nursery, sanctuary maintenance, Sasenyi School, wildlife monitoring, the bush adventure and lastly the safari.


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