Why us?

This is our chance to tell you how we differ from the other organisations out there and why you should choose to travel with us on expedition, which, after all is only going to happen once for most people.

Volunteering with us means that you are guaranteed to make a real and lasting difference to some of the world’s poorest people and most fragile wildlife habitats. There are no token-effort project here; everything you do is meaningful and sustainable.

Here are just 10 examples of how our volunteers are making a difference:

  1. Together we have built and improved more than 30 schools
  2. We are working to protect over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat
  3. We have constructed over 200,000 litres of water storage for people and wildlife
  4. We have built around 35 school and community ablution blocks to improve sanitation and reduce disease
  5. We have built new school kitchen and dining facilities for school children
  6. We have planted close to a million trees
  7. We have removed tonnes of marine refuse from fragile coastlines
  8. We have treated thousands of livestock to improve food security for farmers
  9. Hundreds of young children are receiving proper meals because of our school feeding programme
  10. We have provided sports facilities for thousands of people in rural areas of East Africa and SE Asia.

Camp Tsavo

Our Camps

We are the expedition specialists and since 2002 have been living, working and making a real difference in our locations in Africa, South America and Asia.  We are the only expedition company to own, manage and operate 25 permanent and exclusive camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife areas, bringing significant income and assistance to the poorest rural communities that would otherwise not benefit from tourism. With an in-country team of over 150 local staff, we employ locally, pay fairly and treat ethically. Our permanent presence in our destination countries allows us to maximise benefits to the people and wildlife that need it most by committing year round to our projects and never leaving a job half done, so you can be confident that the work you do will have a lasting impact on areas that you visit. This also means that we have unrivalled safety systems in place to deal with emergencies as we’re there with you 24/7.

Beng Mealea Project

Our Projects

Working with communities is not unique to us; the way we do it is. Our award-winning projects are developed in partnership with local communities and address poverty, health care, education, welfare, conservation and environmental awareness. By doing so we have developed a relationship with the local people whereby they welcome us as part of their community and not simply as tourists passing through. This provides you with a unique opportunity to fully integrate into the community, away from the tourist circuit to get an authentic view of the country you are visiting.  During your time with Camps International, you will visit several of our camps and work on a range of projects. We have up to 100 different projects running at any one time and the projects undertaken by our volunteers are benefitting over 30,000 people in developing countries so far.

Our pledge to the planet

Our Pledge to the Planet

We clearly recognise the synergy between our commercial and ethical objectives and the result has been to create a responsible culture in everything we do, across 4 continents. Sustainability is at the heart of every project. We have established charities to work alongside Camps International to provide additional support for our ongoing initiatives.

What we do:

  • We run all our own trips and projects
  • Our local camps are built and run by locals
  • We empower thousands of people to generate income for themselves – no handouts
  • We protect and conserve wildlife – on land and in the ocean
  • We love our environment. We plant trees … a lot of trees
  • We are committed to quality and committed to making your experience outstanding
  • Travel with Camps and you join a global family that includes us and the communities to which we belong

What we don't do:

  • We don’t cut corners in our safety, ethics, integrity or responsibilities
  • We never abandon our projects – we finish what we start
  • We don’t sell cheap trips – cheap trips mean compromise
  • We don’t run pointless projects. Everything we do matters
  • We don’t abandon you in country. We employ over 150 people worldwide – offices, vehicles, drivers, camp managers, cooks, security, housekeeping, project leaders, operations teams – all there for you.



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