Book with Confidence

Book with confidence

Feel confident when you travel with Camps

The news that state and international borders are starting to lift is really exciting. It  opens the doors to the future, so you can start planning your next experiential travel expedition for your students – both at home or abroad.

Our ‘Book with Confidence’ pledge has been created to inform schools, parents and students of the physical and financial safeguards we have in place to counteract the issues associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. It enables schools to meet their ‘learning outside the classroom’ requirements with confidence that financial risks posed by the pandemic have been adequately mitigated.

You need to feel confident that when you travel with Camps, we have everything covered to keep you safe and protect you financially. We achieve this through our ‘Book with Confidence’ pledge which means you can get back out there to inspire your students in amazing places, travelling sustainably and making an impact.

These are the questions we think you need to be asking us:

How is our school expedition financially protected?

If Camps is unable to deliver your expedition due to our failure, your money is protected by our comprehensive, flexible terms and contingency plans.


Covid-19 Cancellation Cover & Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance is usually included with your expedition and covers individual cancellation, medical care, emergency assistance and repatriation. Each individual’s circumstances, such as pre-existing conditions, can normally be covered if declared early.


Should you or a member of your expedition team be prevented from travel due to Covid-19, the individual will be able to claim for a full refund of monies paid. Of course, there will be specific policy terms applicable for a valid claim, due to the changing situation regarding travel and quarantine rules, which we cannot possibly predetermine at this point in time.


Many schools will already have in place a combined liability insurance policy which covers whole-trip cancellation due to factors such as a pandemic. Please check within your school to ensure this added layer of overall cover is in place – we highly recommend it.

What contingency plans are there, if we cannot travel?

Booking with confidence - Reserve Location

Reserve Location

Should the Australian Government advise against travel to your original location choice close to the point of departure, we will already have pre-agreed with your school one of several reserve back up locations. This is to ensure your students still safely experience the expedition of a lifetime.

Booking with Confidence - Reserve location


If none of the alternative locations are available at that time, we will work closely with the school to defer your expedition to the nearest suitable departure window. This could be up to a year, to suit the school, at no extra cost.

Book with Confidence Travel Voucher

Travel Voucher

Should 1. Reserve locations and 2. Deferral options not be viable for your school, we will offer a travel voucher to the amount to which has been paid. This travel voucher can be redeemed by any students, for any one of our destinations and will carry 18 months validity from the date it is issued.

Refund - Book with Confidence

Full Refund

In the event that Camps International are unable to deliver to either of the aforementioned solutions and we are forced to cancel the trip, your team will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid as per our Terms and Conditions.

Please note:

As you will appreciate, some of the content herein is subject to a rapidly changing landscape of controls and measures imposed by a variety of governing bodies. The information here is correct at the time of being published but may be subject to change as the situation develops.

What risk management procedures are in place?

CI Practical Protocols
Whilst Covid-19 is a clear and current risk, mitigating and responding to risks of all kinds before and during expeditions has been our speciality for over 20 years.

Here are just a few of the extra safety measures we are implementing and will continue to develop in accordance with government guidance:

Booking with confidence - Camps Locations

Camps Locations

Our camps are in rural locations, away from highly populated areas and with perimeter security, allowing us to control who our teams come into contact with. We will continue to improve all facilities and transport in line with the latest guidance.

Booking with Confidence - Temperature Checks

Temperature Checks

All camps will have non-contact thermometers and an established protocol for regular temperature checks of everyone present.

Booking with Confidence - Camp Hygiene

Camp Hygiene

Increased frequency of camp cleaning and rigorous housekeeping as well as access to hand sanitiser and additional handwashing stations in all camps.

Booking with Confidence - Isolation

Camps Quarantine/ Isolation Capability

All camps include spaces for isolating individuals and the camp itself can be quarantined if necessary.

Booking with Confidence - Staff Training

Staff Training

Our team will undertake regular Covid-19 specific staff training and continual reviews of risk assessments and protocols.

Booking with Confidence - Extra Guidance

Extra Guidance

Provided to teachers, parents and students.

Booking with Confidence - In-Country Relations

In-country Relations

Due to our permanent operations, we maintain close links and communication with embassies and government officials in-country.

Booking with Confidence - Content


Adapted itineraries to ensure only safe contact with communities during project phases.

Our unique Camps’ model gives us tight control over our own environment, security, and expedition experience – the outcome being industry leading safety and security. This allows us to adapt quickly to the most up to date public health and travel guidance and to control and minimise contact with the broader population in-country.


We are full, contributing members of the Expedition Providers Association (EPA), hold the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge for overseas expeditions including BS8848 Compliance, and are members of WTTC Travel Safe. For further accreditation details, click here

Like to thank camps for all they have tried to do, their help and guidance throughout was first class. With the difficult times we have all found ourselves in, with uncertainty in all areas, it was reassuring to know camps had everyone’s best interests at heart, no one has faced these trying times and I feel that they communicated information brilliantly throughout.

Rachel, Parent of Travelling Student 2020 / 2021