Autumnal Themed Fundraising

As the late Indian Summer starts to come to an end, we notice the leaves turning delightful shades of orange and yellow. Although slightly cooler, we can still get out into nature for some fresh air as well as enjoy cosy evenings with a steamy mug of hot chocolate by the fire. This time of year is also great opportunity for themed fundraising! Make the most of events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, St Andrew’s Day – just to name a few.

Autumnal Fundraising examples to get the ideas flowing…

Zombie Run

Zombie Run - Autumnal FundraisingHost a Halloween-themed zombie run. Advertise the event on social media, posters and emails and raise money by collecting registration fees and charging for sponsorships. You could even go one step further and plan the route through a forest or muddy terrain and divide the runners into humans trying to survive and zombies looking to feed off them! To encourage some awesome fancy-dress outfits, how about offering a prize for the best dressed?


Pumpkin Sale

Autumnal FundraisingGet in touch with a local farmer or wholesaler and explain the cause you’re raising money for. See if they will do you a deal on a batch of pumpkins that you can buy cheaply in bulk and then sell on at a higher price. If you’re feeling creative, get carving and sell ready carved pumpkins to local shops/cafes to decorate their window displays!


Hot Halloween Soup

Autumnal FundraisingDon’t let that pumpkin flesh go to waste! Why not cook up some pumpkin soup to sell to friends, colleagues or passers by – you could even dress up as a witch and serve it up from a big cauldron! Experiment with different spices and flavour combinations for a really unique, home-made taste or bake some crusty bread or sourdough to go with it. Check out a basic pumpkin soup recipe here

Spooky Stand Up

Autumnal FundraisingOrganise a stand-up or open-mic night where participants can take to the stage to entertain the audience with spooky stories, horrible humour and spine-chilling songs! Depending on where you hold the event, you could also look into providing refreshments to make a little extra money on top of the money you make from ticket sales. This could also be held as a virtual event which you could advertise on social media. Share a link to your GoFundMe or Easyfundraising account and ask that anyone who wants to tune in donates towards your expedition.

Bonfire Night

Autumnal FundraisingBonfire Night FundraisingBonfire Night Fundraising

Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes Night is a great excuse for hot chocolate, warm tray bakes and hot pots! Check out local events and find out if you can set up a stall selling edible goodies or organise your own evening! As this date falls on a Friday this year, you could even start the celebrations early and sell your comfort food creations at lunchtime at school/college (please be sure to check with your school first!)

If you have a great idea or inspiring fundraising story, let us know by emailing and you could be featured on our next blog.

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