Educational expeditions portfolio expanded for UK students

As the world around us slowly starts to look brighter and hopeful, we feel a sense of urgency to catch up on missed experiences! Some of us are dreaming bigger, planning earlier and preparing to make up for lost time as quickly as possible. We are aware that lives have been impacted socially, physically, and mentally and that education has suffered in the process.

We reached out to teachers to understand their school’s needs better, with this ‘new look’ at the world, and get their take on how we could help bring back educational travel experiences. To provide students once more with experiences that go beyond the classroom. To allow them to develop key life skills, cultural understanding, and a global perspective of the international world.

We know you love our 4 week summer expeditions, but some of you wanted the flexibility to provide opportunities at different times of the year that were shorter but just as impactful, aligned to global issues and core subject areas and curriculums.

We are therefore delighted to announce our new educational expedition portfolio now includes 10 – 14 day expeditions. And no, we have not strayed from our ethos and sustainable deliverables and can proudly say that each trip offers a real and authentic cultural experience with impact.

Educational Expeditions focusing on Sustainable Development Goals

Two Week Impact Expeditions

Whether you chose to travel to Kenya, Borneo or Costa Rica these immersive learning trips give students the opportunity to learn about global issues and make a positive impact through community, wildlife and environmental projects.

Real World Studies Expeditions

These Real World Studies Expeditions have been built around the resounding success of our Real World Studies educational programme that links the classroom to our projects and partner communities in the real world.

Ten day Real World Studies Expeditions:
Cambodia – Global Issue: Food and Water Security
Borneo – Global Issue: Education and Training
Kenya – Global Issue: Sustainable Livelihoods and Animal Welfare

We have also gone one step further to offer Real World Studies Spanish Immersion Expeditions. Designed to offer students opportunities for both planned and spontaneous language use, the expedition allows one to take concepts studied in the classroom and apply them to reality on the ground while working with our Latin American staff – all native Spanish speakers.

Fourteen day Spanish Immersion Expeditions:
Ecuador Spanish Immersion Expedition
Costa Rica Spanish Immersion Expedition
Peru Spanish Immersion Expedition

Not heard about our Real World Studies educational programme? Then why not take advantage of this free resource and sign up!

We hope you are all excited as us, about these new educational expeditions and the future of travel!

If you need more information we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to:

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