The Unforgettable Impact

School Trips and Their Lasting Legacy

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about a school trip from years ago? Turns out, those adventures hold more weight than just a fun memory. School trips are packed with benefits – academic exposure, personal development, and a chance for students to make friends for life. But what about the impact they have long after the trip is over?

For Ben his school expedition to Tanzania in 2019 was an experience that has sparked a lifelong passion and continues to shape his future choices.

Here is what Ben has to say…

In 2017, I began my journey to fundraise my expedition, which started with some simple bag packing. A weekend of this raised me nearly £200, a great first step to prove to myself and everybody else that I was ready to take on this challenge. Through multiple events and ideas, including a sponsored head shave, bake sales, collection pots, business and local charity sponsorship, newspaper articles, GoFundMe pages, easyfundraising links spread far and wide, I funded my entire expedition in around 10 months.

I was in charge of my donations, keeping track of how much I’d earnt, from what event and where to safely deposit the money. The financial skills and independence I gained has been an invaluable and helped me as I became financially independent. Taking charge in creating events and talking to businesses greatly boosted my confidence, going from not being able to order something in a café, to having lengthy conversations with business managers. I was determined to go on this adventure!

The Expedition itself, was entirely life changing.

It was the first time I’d left the UK without my parents and I was very nervous. But the second we got on the coach I felt at ease. I had great teachers with me and a fantastic Expedition Leader, who had the solid belief that everyone on the Team was going to excel…and we did!

I am so privileged to have seen the wildlife and eco systems that we encountered, through Scuba Diving and a Safari. Turning through the gates of the Serengeti to see an elephant right in front of us is something I’ll never forget.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help students like myself experience this adventure, which would have been impossible without the fundraising support from Camps.

Ben Howell

Former student traveller, Ben, travelled to Tanzania in 2019 and continues to be part of the Camps Family now as a Regional Expeditions Coordinator.

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