Unexpected ways to fundraise

Want an easy way to raise money for your expedition?

Try easyfundraising with these top tips on unexpected ways to fundraise…

easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands so you can earn free cashback when family members, friends, and friends of friends shop online. It’s simple, a proportion of their everyday spending is shared with you – for free, so you can put it towards your expedition target, flights, kit list, spending money, vaccinations, and more.

Your family and friends can support you with their everyday online shopping, but there are also a couple of unexpected ways you can earn too.  We asked easyfundraising to give us some tips on the best ways to supercharge your fundraising :

Earn over £200

Over a year, just one person could earn you over £200 by doing their weekly food shop. Most brands offer a flat monetary amount for click-and-collect orders and home delivery.

Earn over £40

Switching household providers is a sure-fire way of getting the best deal, so when your friends and family shop around for their broadband, TV package, and other household bills, they could earn you up to £40.

Earn over £30

Booking getaways to distant shores or UK breaks can earn you up to £30 each time, and so can renewing annual insurances like home, car, or pet. Incredibly, if anyone you know takes out life insurance, they could earn you up to £1,000 for free.


easyfundraising calls these unexpected ways their “big donations”; larger sums of money to help supercharge your fundraising.

We encourage you to give it a go and make the most of this fabulous shopping website and of course free cashback.

To start earning free cashback in unexpected ways, sign up to easyfundraising today.

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