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Cambodia Trek Expedition

Cambodia is a true gem of South East Asia, with its welcoming culture, lush green jungle and mystical temples - it’s truly a fascinating country to explore. Your trek through the vibrant Cambodian jungle will be an adventure you’ll never forget.


Cambodia Scuba Expedition

This expedition is packed full of culture and adventure. Play an active part in important community development work and experience Cambodian culture in its two largest cities, before learning to scuba dive surrounded by tropical marine life.


Borneo Scuba Expedition

Experience the magic of scuba diving, learn about orangutan conservation and work hand in hand with Bornean communities on projects that help improve lives.


Costa Rica Scuba Expedition

The beautiful and biodiverse remote rainforest of Costa Rica will become your home on this exciting expedition. Work alongside conservationists to protect the natural environment and discover an array of colourful marine life as you learn to scuba dive.


Ecuador Scuba Expedition

Journey through the diverse landscapes of this equatorial country, from windswept highlands to vibrant coastal towns. Live and work alongside local people and master the fundamentals of scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean.


Karibu Tanzania Expedition: 4 Weeks

Visit the stunning Marangu waterfalls, experience the magic of safari and learn about Tanzanian culture and traditions on this immersive expedition. You’ll be working closely with local people to improve infrastructure of rural villages and make a positive impact to the surrounding environment.


Jambo Kenya Expedition: 4 Weeks

Embark on an adventure with real impact on one of East Africa’s most amazing destinations. Live and work alongside local people and get involved in a range of sustainable projects, from community development to environmental conservation.


Cambodia Impact Expedition: 4 Weeks (2023)

Cambodia is a true gem of South East Asia, with the friendliest of people, lush green jungle and mystical temples – it’s a truly fascinating country to explore.


Borneo Trek Expedition

Experience true off-grid living, trekking through the heart of the Bornean jungle and helping to protect orangutan habitats. You’ll discover a totally different way of life, living as part of a rural community and working together to create sustainable change.