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Fundraising Friday Star - Amy Selibas

I have something to tell you guys.

I’m not proud of it though…

It’s hard for me to say out loud.

I have not exercised in two months… TWO MONTHS! It’s bad, especially considering my usual love of running and lifting weights. This weeks Fundraising Friday Star gave me the motivation to get back on the bandwagon and I’ve been working out all week this week, and I’ve never been happier (got to love those endorphins!)

Fundraising Friday Star - Andrew

I don't know about you guys, but I've definitely got that Friday feeling! It's been a mad week, and the office has been filled with a cacophony of sneezes and coughs (Harry takes the cake for weirdest sneeze so far, he sounds like a chicken, not even making it up!). Everyone in the office seems to be ill, and luckily I am sandwiched between the two people who seem to be suffering the most, so it's only a matter of time! :/ 

Photo Competition 2014

After another incredible school expedition season draws to an end, we have been lucky enough to experience some of your highlights through our annual Photographic competition, which is getting bigger and better every year! We were blown away by the number and quality of entries this year and really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing and heart-warming moments that you captured during your time with us.

Mantanani Trust House Story (The one with the Birds)

It has been over 5 years since we started our relationship with the communities of Mantanani and we have become like a family and loving this place like our very own home. We have gone through many challenges on the ground in running and maintaining our community infrastructure development projects on the island; addressing environmental and social issues, and empowering children, youth and old folks alike through educational programmes, culture and traditional conservation and in all kinds of weather from storms to that beautiful sunset on a good day!

Fundraising Friday Star - Frazer

I must say, after a week visiting our Borneo camps I haven’t quite caught up with my sleep yet, so you’ll have to bear with me! (IT WAS AMAZING!!!!) This week has been tremendously busy, and today we’ve been having a move around in the office too! I even put together a set of drawers… who knows if they’ll stay up though!


As you all know, Camps International Africa delivered an epic team season this year over the summer. A school team that travelled with us in Uganda could not help sharing their great experience after getting back home safely............

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!!!  This year’s Camp Uganda got off to a flying start.  Upon arrival at Camp Hairy Lemon our first Team headed straight to Kirindi Primary School ready to get stuck into projects over the next few days.

Students Climb Snowdon!

Over the October half term 9 students who are raising funds for their expedition took part in a Snowdon climb!

They all successfully summitted to the top of Mount Snowdon and raised £2200 between them for their individual expeditions.  Well done to all the students - we can see from the pictures that the summitt didn't have the nicest weather!

Fundraising Friday Star - Benji

Happy Halloween!! Sophie is exploring our Borneo Camps this week so you have me again...its Rachael!  So even though it is halloween and there are probably loads of you having parties and big evening events, Benji has a great story that just goes to show that the little events, persistance and a bit of hard work are just as effective as the larger fundraising events!  Most of you are enjoying your half term at the moment, so I will let Benji tell you all about his fundraising...


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