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We’ve possessed a fantastic team from Bradenton School in Tsavo Camp who enthusiastically worked tirelessly in our various community project work. The entire group had a tremendous time and described the trip a memorable. One of the teachers has the pleasure to share that awesome experience….

My name is Michelle Henry, a teacher at the Bradenton Preparatory Academy, and I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying 11 high school students from Dubai to Kenya for 8 days to Camp Tsavo.


I know I say it every week but I love this weeks entry! He's shave his head, waxed his legs, held a fashion show...quite frankly, he seems to have fundraising in the bag! Everyone's heard the phrase 'a picture speaks a thousand words', Tom's photos had us all chuckling in the office, especially the leg waxing one! Read on for a fantastic end to the week...


Something you would like to learn from these brilliant gappers.........

Week 2 has gone so quick and unfortunately we have come to the end of our stay at Camp Muhaka. Our anticipation is that Camp Tsavo will be much greater with wildlife project element and more forms of project work of which everyone is counting forward to; obviously all of us will Miss Muhaka and its hospitality and the friends that we’ve made in the village and at the project, during the two weeks of our stay.



Variety is the spice of life! From car boot sales, to a Christmas stall, to office work. This is a girl who isn’t afraid to get stuck into her fundraising and try it all! Did I mention she is going to take on the three peaks challenge as well?! A fundraising guru if ever there was one!

Hello, my name is Katie and I have recently started fundraising for my expedition to Ecuador!


Blog written by Camp Peru's very own Project Leader Lily Sánchez Morales..

Christmas is a special time in South America and Peruvians love the holiday. While there is a strong indigenous population, most Peruvians are Roman Catholics and it is understandable that Christmas is a very big holiday in the country. While some celebrations are similar to those in Europe and North America, there are some unique traditions that reflect the nation's history and make Peru a special place to be during the holidays and one that makes for a great holiday destination.


This ones got it all- advice, ideas, and best of all passion! Emma is clearly a forward thinker which is vital when it comes to fundraising and her attitude is amazing "if it's not so successful it doesn't matter i'll just move onto something else" LOVE this mindset!

Hi fellow fundraisers!


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