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Rice today, Rice tomorrow, Rice forever

When we came to Cambodia, we were a group of, frankly beautiful, young people who barely knew each other and the land we were venturing into.  We emerged from Cambodia a group of sweaty hardened individuals, now bonded for life. 

But really, if you discount the trek related panic and asthma attacks, dirt related parasitic infections, various throwing up and bowel movements, it genuinely has been an incredible journey none of us will ever forget.

Fundraising Friday Star - Oli

Hey guys, it’s the best day of the week, Fundraising Friday!!!! Time to meet our next Fundraising Star, Oli!

Oli is pretty on the ball when it comes to fundraising, he got stuck in right away and decided to do something BIG! Oli recently climbed the three peaks, not only to raise money for his trip with us, but also for the charity Wooden Spoon! Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s a little something from Oli:

Should I take a gap year?

Every year we hear from people who are receiving their exam results and feeling under a huge amount of pressure to make massive life-changing decisions. We know this can be an extremely stressful time – but the good news is that you don’t have to panic and rush your decision.

Our Projects in Peru

As all of you know, 2014 is the start of Camp Peru.  This year we have had three amazing teams that have kick started projects in all of our communities.  We have started some amazing projects, all of which will help the communities that we work in hugely.  At Camp Cusco, students have started the building of a perimeter wall around a local school.  The school had been promised this wall by local authorities for just shy of ten years.  The teams have made great progress and the new wall now means the school can feel secure and the children of the school have a playground area.

Fundraising Friday Star

So as a new member of the Camps International family, I would like to introduce a new feature for Camps, our fundraising stars!

Every Friday to me is fundraising Friday (YAY!) and as this is a very special day, I will be picking one of you lucky people to be our fundraising star. Each star will be a student who has really gone above and beyond when it comes to fundraising. 

Summer School Expedition in Borneo (Part 1)

Greetings from Borneo! In the past few weeks, our amazing school expedition teams have travelled from thousands of miles away to be here and thus far each individual had various experience getting stuck in to our local community projects, travelling from Camp to Camp, learning different ways of life in various tradition and cultures, having fun with activities, adventures in the jungle and underwater, eating lots of rice and noodles and much more!

How to take the perfect photograph

We’re all guilty of buying a new camera and assuming that just because it has fifty different functions and more pixels than you can count on your fingers, it will automatically improve your photography skills. 

In reality, technique is more important than the camera itself, but the good news is anyone can take good photographs simply by learning a little bit about their camera and learning the basics.


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