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Fundraising Friday Star - Chris Beeks

Just another manic Friday! I know the song is meant to be Monday, but oh well, I’m the master of my own destiny and I will rewrite songs if I want to!... You can tell it has been a long week can’t you? Please excuse me being slightly mad, but I guess it is no different to how everyone around the office sees me day in and day out!

Moving swiftly on, our Fundraising Friday Star today is a rather incredible one! It definitely caught my eye, and I’m sure it will catch yours too… Meet Chris, and his amazing mum Tammy!

Flagellation and Fanesca – Ecuadorian Easter traditions to remind you the holidays aren’t all about chocolate and cuddly bunnies.

There are many things that are just a little bit different in this part of the world, Easter is one of them. Many years ago, as a 16 year old in Mexico, I witnessed my first non-bonnet Easter parade. The entire 14 Stations of the Cross were reenacted, complete with the hanging of Judas played by my friend Edgar. I vividly remember watching him being strung up from the tree at our local bus-stop as women wept and the younger folk giggled and booed. As his legs dangled he winked at me, clearly trying to reassure me that this was all quite normal and safe.

A Week Without Walls on Lake Titicaca

A Week Without Walls on Lake Titicaca.

By Lily Sanchez, Project Coordinator Peru

As the students left their inner city homes bound for the airport in Montevideo none really knew what they were in for. Uruguay might look close to Peru on a map but in terms of culture and lifestyle they couldn’t be more different. Yes, technically Spanish is the official language of both countries, but up in the Andes of Peru one is equally likely to run into people whose first language is Quechua, just like the community we work with on Lake Titicaca.  


We all thought that 3 months will be long period to be in Africa, but here we are, we've made it! We’ve enjoyed every moment of our stay with Camp Kenya, loved all projects, safari, and beach.The hospitality of the Kenyan people is incredible; friendly staff and Jambo Rafiki (Hello friend) everywhere. We feel rewarded to have fulfilled our mission to change people's lives and we can not stop sharing this amazing experience to the world...................


The inspirational trip 2014 (Part 1)


There are many schools traveled to Cambodia with us since we opened the camp in the late 2010. Looking at all the photos from the year 2014 that we had from each school, Round Square Schools is the most inspring one. They had 22 days and traveled through Phnom Penh, Siemreap City, and both of our camps, Beng Pae and Beng Mealea. The photos below proves their strong commitment to help the local community and their great joys in each area.

In Camp Beng Pae

The Camps Effect – One Month One Child (Peru)

At times working for Camps allows you to go out and make a real difference. Last year I visited an orphanage in Cusco, not far from my house at the time. Lily, our Projects Manager here in Peru, and I were looking for a small project in Cusco that our gap teams could help out with. We arrived at the small, inner city orphanage to a great reception from the excited children. We then met the lady who is in charge of the house. She showed us around, introduced us to the ten children she was responsible for and told us a few of their stories.

Estudiantes del Colegio Becquerel trabajaron duro en la selva amazónica or, Local school Becquerel work hard in the Amazon (scroll down for English)

Por Andrea Meza, Líder de proyectos – Camp Ecuador.

Cuando llegaron los estudiantes del Colegio Bequerel, estaban bastante entusiasmados e intrigados por la magia de la Amazonía. Para la mayoría, era su primera vez en un lugar así.  Al principio, todos se asustaban por la presencia de insectos de gran tamaño, y era muy común escucharlos gritar cuando algún insecto se les acercaba.  Eso fue cambiando con el paso de los días, cuando no les quedó otra opción y se acostumbraron a ellos.

Fundraising Friday Star - Jade Walker

We have been super busy bees in the office this week as 2015 departures are getting closer and closer! And plans are getting put in place for those of you travelling in 2016 and we are still processing some of your applications.

This particular Fundraising Friday Star has almost become my email pen pal! We have regular catch-ups and pretty much talk about anything.

Without further ado, meet our Fundraising Friday Star, Jade.


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