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Christmas at Camps HQ

'Twas the night before Campsmas, when all through the office

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Sophie;

The presents were slung under the tree with care,

In the hopes that secret santa soon would be there;

The camps staff were snuggled in their Christmas gear;

Whilst songs about reindeers were sung in their ears;

Even though our brains had settled for a long winter's nap,

We tried our hardest to be as busy as we could,

When out in reception there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.

Bongkud Community Hall Opening

The following is a press release issued for the official opening of the Bongkud Community Centre last week.  It was a great occasion, befitting the awesome completed building, and the thousands of hard graft, blood, sweat and tears which went into the project over the past 3 years or so.  I would like to thank everyone involved along the way, putting their heart and soul into the project.  


Helping local communities: Camp Borneo officiates Asang Community Hall in Bongkud, Ranau.

Fundraising Friday Star - Brooke Woolley


Greetings from Santa’s grotto (aka Camps HQ), this is going to be my last Fundraising Friday Star blog until the New Year you guys :’(

Next week is going to have a big focus on CHRISTMAS IN THE OFFICE and a bit of an introduction to the staff in HQ! Get excited!!!

Cambodia Cycle recce trip - Part 2

The second day’s ride looks like it would cover about 50km along mainly dirt tracks with the occasional vehicle passing by – great scenery of open paddy fields and remote communes.  But the highlight is ending the day at Preah Khan temple – we arrived mid morning and were literally the only people there bar the guy chilling in a hammock at the temple car park.  It’s an awesome looking over-grown and falling down temple, very large, older than the Angkor Wat complexes and just completely deserted.  No crowds like Angkor Wat, the whole place to ourselves – and we’re thinking the teams will sl

Peru Teacher Recce 2015

When people think of Peru, they usually think of Macchu Picchu. But there is more to Peru than Macchu Picchu… Much, much more!


This October half-term, a group of nine British teachers and a bear travelled to Peru to visit some of our exciting camps and projects, and get a feel for the country before their four week expedition in the summer of 2015.

Cambodia Cycle recce trip - Part 1

I wanted to write a quick blog to talk about the amazing road trip I had whilst looking for a new cycling route for school teams. We have been discussing establishing a proper 4 day/3 night cycling route for quite some time now – unfortunately life has been getting in the way of making it a reality. So finally I twisted Bunlay’s arm and we stuck in the diary a two day adventure to discover a suitable route.

Fundraising Friday Star - Lorna Bennett


It's truly a day for super shouty capitals and a super smiley Sophie!!! Not only is it Fundraising Friday, but I am having a truly fantastic day full of fun presentations! And and and!!! This weekend on Sunday, it is my birthday :D I am possibly the happiest ever one in the office today, so if you call me and I laugh a lot, I promise I'm not laughing at you! I'm just very happy and pleased to speak to you!

2014 Healthcare Outreach Program - Camps International brings free services to the rural disputed Marungu Community Kenya

We’ve just come back from a busy two weeks healthcare outreach program feeling strong and rewarded after a very successful mission to break the cycle of poverty through  free healthcare services in the highly ‘challenged’ community of Marungu Hill and its environs.

Unlike other previous clinic outreaches where we have been always based on Msambweni County (Kenya Coast) this year our program took new direction to face the reality and help improve the lives of adults and malnourished children in the rural of Taita-Taveta County.

Fundraising Friday Star - Georgina Leadley

It's very nearly the joyous month of December; the birth month of some pretty awesome people (including myself!), and of course the time to celebrate the Christmas period! The office will get decorated with Christmas cheer next week, and I’m quite excited for it to be acceptable when I accidentally get Christmas songs stuck in my head and sing them to the office! (Yes, that happens… quite frequently may I add!) We even picked for our secret santa today!!!

A re-visit to Camp Borneo & Camp Cambodia!

It’s been an extremely rewarding few years working at Camps International since I left college and my Borneo 2011 trip with The Burgate School, watching thousands of volunteers spread hard work around the world where they have been making a real difference to the communities in which we work.


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