Real World Studies

Connecting your classroom with the real world

Camps International’s Real World Studies is an educational programme linking the classroom to our projects and partner communities in the real world. Our aim is to help teachers inspire and empower the next generation of global citizens.

Our resources support educators in enriching global curriculums, including the UK National Curriculum, the Australian Curriculum, IB, CAS and more, whilst enhancing students’ skills and their knowledge of our planet.

Access our interactive, curriculum-linked teaching resources for free by clicking below.

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Education happens both in the classroom and the real world

Real World Studies is both an ever-expanding set of educational materials and a philosophy of education. Our approach is grounded in the principle that the education of young people is one that takes place both in a classroom and the real world.

Created by a community of teachers and Camps’ local project experts, our materials and activities use Design Thinking methodology and link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, giving students the tools to go on and create the world that they want to live in.

Real World Studies consists of a number of interlinked areas of activity, including:

  • Academic subject materials
  • Service work materials appropriate for CAS and D of E
  • Connect with Camps video-calls with local crew
  • Teacher seminars
  • In-country educational activities
  • Language development
  • Travel
  • In-community project work


Free, ready-to-use teaching resources

Designed to add authenticity to students’ learning experiences, our educational materials draw upon real-life examples from our unique network of permanent camps and our experience as leaders in sustainable travel. They also utilise relevant data from globally recognised sources – all in one place ready for you and your students to analyse in lessons.

Have a quick look at some of our sample resources below or click through to explore our full library.

Access full resource library here

In line with the aims of our social enterprise, our resources are completely free for all teachers, regardless of whether your school is travelling with us.

However, the benefits to student development are hugely enhanced by the opportunity to apply the learning in real-world situations on expedition. The chance to engage with our projects, communities and local crew from the classroom, before meeting and experiencing these things first-hand, completely transforms the learning experience. This impactful educational journey is completely unique to Camps and unmatched by any other school travel provider.

If you’ve not already set up an expedition in your school and want to know more – please get in touch with us today.

Inspiration and peer support from a global community of teachers

Our online Teacher Forum Facebook group is the community hub of Real World Studies. Join the conversation and be part of a community of teachers sharing, learning and broadening the horizons of global education.

It’s completely free to join, you just need a Facebook account to sign in.