From Sixth Form to Success - Harvey's Fundraising Story

Harvey has been fundraising since November 2022 and after two years of hard work, he has raised over £4,000 for his 2024 Cambodia Trek Expedition!

This intrepid fundraiser got stuck into diverse and innovative fundraising efforts, from local jobs and entrepreneurial ventures to harnessing the power of PR. His efforts showcase his commitment to sustainability and education, highlighting projects like repurposing pallets into planters and creating revision packs for students. Harvey’s story also features a fulfilling garden transformation project, demonstrating his ability to manage costs and make a positive environmental impact.

Harvey’s fundraising story is a powerful reminder that with persistence, initiative and dedication, any goal is within reach.

The Start of the Journey

When Harvey started this journey as a new sixth-form student, balancing A-levels and fundraising seemed daunting. He knew it would be a challenge, but Harvey managed his time well and stayed committed, planning his days to fit in both studying and fundraising.

His experience fundraising taught him how to prioritise tasks and manage his time better. These skills not only helped him reach his fundraising goal but also improved his schoolwork. Through this journey, Harvey has learned about his ability to work hard and stay strong, preparing him well for future challenges.

Diverse Fundraising Efforts

Harvey took on various local jobs like babysitting, landscaping, interior design and litter picking. These jobs not only helped him earn money but also allowed him to build a network within his community. Additionally, he built his personal brand by wearing campaign materials at events like weekly parkruns to raise awareness about his expedition.

Harnessing the Power of PR

Understanding the power of PR, Harvey connected with social media and marketing professionals to amplify his message. This collaboration was crucial in reaching a wider audience and gathering more support. It highlighted the importance of leveraging media to boost fundraising efforts and create a compelling narrative around his cause.

A Fulfilling Project

One of Harvey’s most fulfilling projects was transforming a new build garden into a sustainable and inviting space. With donated materials, he designed and executed a garden that promoted eco-friendly practices. Completing the project for £2000, Harvey managed costs efficiently and took home 80% of the earnings, further fuelling his Cambodia Trek Expedition fundraising. This project not only helped him raise funds but also allowed him to make a positive impact on the environment.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In addition to traditional fundraising, Harvey pursued entrepreneurial ventures. One standout project was repurposing old, pesticide-free pallets into unique planters for herbs and flowers. Each planter cost £5 to make and sold for £45, showcasing sustainability and innovation. Another successful venture was “Revise Pro,” where he created revision packs for £20 each to help students excel in their studies. These initiatives significantly contributed to his fundraising and reinforced his commitment to sustainability and education.

Advice for Aspiring Fundraisers

Harvey believes that fundraising is challenging and may not yield consistent results, but persistence and initiative are key. He encourages aspiring fundraisers to keep pushing forward, believe in their cause, stay dedicated and not be afraid to think outside the box to achieve their goals.

Fundraising is challenging and may not yield consistent results, but persistence and initiative are key. Keep pushing forward, and you’ll reach the finish line.

Harvey – Cambodia 2024

Harvey says that this journey wouldn’t have been possible without the help and encouragement from his friends, family and community. Their belief in his mission kept him motivated and determined to succeed.

His Cambodia Trek Expedition is now within reach and Harvey is excited to embark on this adventure, knowing that he has worked hard and earned every step of the way.

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