China's lovely giant panda

When we think of giant pandas, we think of lovely black and white bears. They are cute and have many fans all over the world. But do you really know pandas? Today is World Panda Day, so why not learn more about these loving creatures and look to get involved in Panda conservation work by assisting with the day to day care of these national treasures on our expedition in China.

Here are some panda facts you might not know:


On this trip you will spend time working with the teams that care for the lazy but loveable Pandas at the Dujiangyan Panda Centre and Wolong Panda Base.  The Dujiangyan Panda Valley Centre was set up to assist with breeding programmes, wilderness training and the eventual release of giant pandas into the wild. At both centres you will be assisting with the day to day care of the pandas, including cleaning enclosures, preparing food, feeding the pandas and observing and recording behaviour and health.

Other highlights on this expedition include:

  • Trekking through a wild mountain range
  • Helping local farmers with their agricultural work including harvesting, planting and watering vegetables
  • Experiencing first hand a traditional Tibetan guesthouse.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Even though the 16th March marks #worldpandaday it takes more than just one day of awareness to make it count and help protect these gentle giants.

Why not do your bit and:

  • Follow ethical tourism guidelines
  • Support panda conservation

For more information on the work that Camps International are doing worldwide take a look at our Global Impact Reports.

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