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Borneo Real World Studies Expedition

This ten day trip is jam-packed full of adventure, project work and educational content. Using the Real World Studies Pathway, you will be developing your practical skills through projects and will also be exploring the theory and impact behind each project. You will also have the opportunity to experience life in the jungle with a 3 night stay in our jungle camp.


Borneo Impact Expedition: 2 Weeks

Spend time exploring one of the world’s most stunning natural gardens - Borneo. A unique ecosystem of vibrant jungle and unexplored tropical wilderness, teeming with exotic wildlife. Work side by side with the local community on projects that help transform lives.


Borneo Scuba Expedition

Experience the magic of scuba diving, learn about orangutan conservation and work hand in hand with Bornean communities on projects that help improve lives.


Borneo Trek Expedition

Experience true off-grid living, trekking through the heart of the Bornean jungle and helping to protect orangutan habitats. You’ll discover a totally different way of life, living as part of a rural community and working together to create sustainable change.


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