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Imogen's Borneo Experience

Written by Imogen Strickland. UK Travelling Student - Borneo 2022 "It's taught me how to be resilient and it’s put the world into perspective." There couldn’t have been a starker…


Borneo Impact Expedition: Community and Orangutans

The incredible Bornean jungle is the perfect setting for a true back-to-nature experience. Live and work alongside a rural community in the spectacular Sabah region of Borneo. Get up close and personal with orangutans and sun bears during a visit to Sepilok.


Borneo Impact Expedition: 4 Weeks (2023)

Spend time exploring one of the world’s most stunning natural gardens - Borneo. A unique ecosystem of vibrant jungle and unexplored tropical wilderness, teeming with exotic wildlife. Work side by side with the local community on projects that help transform lives.


Borneo Scuba Expedition

Experience the magic of scuba diving, learn about orangutan conservation and work hand in hand with Bornean communities on projects that help improve lives.


Borneo Trek Expedition

Experience true off-grid living, trekking through the heart of the Bornean jungle and helping to protect orangutan habitats. You’ll discover a totally different way of life, living as part of a rural community and working together to create sustainable change.


Millie's Fundraising Story: Consistency is Key

The Summer of 2024 brings with it an expedition to Borneo for Millie who has been inspired to embrace new cultures and work with the local communities as she contributes…


Two decades and counting

Camps International marks over 450 community projects completed, one million trees planted and over 20 years of ethical expeditions. This year marks the start of Camps International’s third decade, ushering…


Top 12 Sustainable Fundraising Ideas

You are going to be embarking on an exciting expedition where you’ll experience real culture and make a meaningful, lasting impact in the places you visit. As you plan your…


High Five for Immersive School Travel

School expeditions and learning outside the classroom are all designed to challenge students on a physical, social, morale and mental level. It is not only an inspiring and collaborative time…


Celebrating 20 years of Global Impact on Education

30,000 students and teachers have worked on almost 400 projects, impacting over 120,000 lives The ‘Real World Studies’ programme has helped over 4700 students since inception The social enterprise travel…