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Rebekah's fundraising story: Raising funds whilst helping people to stay safe

Rebekah has always wanted to volunteer abroad, so when Camps International came to her school and offered her the trip of a lifetime, she knew she had to get on…


From Sixth Form to Success - Harvey's Fundraising Story

Harvey has been fundraising since November 2022 and after two years of hard work, he has raised over £4,000 for his 2024 Cambodia Trek Expedition! This intrepid fundraiser got stuck…


Millie's Fundraising Story: Consistency is Key

The Summer of 2024 brings with it an expedition to Borneo for Millie who has been inspired to embrace new cultures and work with the local communities as she contributes…


Sam's Fundraising Story : Start with a plan

Sam achieved his fundraising goal to secure funds for his entire school expedition to Kenya in just 8 months! We were so impressed we reached out to Sam to find…


Cairo's Fundraising Story: TEA-RRIFIC Fundraising

Cairo was inspired to join his school expedition to Costa Rica so that he could help people in need.  He secured his place on the expedition team by paying his…


Top 12 Sustainable Fundraising Ideas

You are going to be embarking on an exciting expedition where you’ll experience real culture and make a meaningful, lasting impact in the places you visit. As you plan your…


Our Top 12 Christmas Fundraising Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and with the festive season on our doorstep, what better time to have fun with your fundraising! To help you along the way…


Toby's Fundraising Story: Putting the fun into fundraising

Summer of 2022 and Toby is off to Borneo! Focusing on his passion for swimming and baking, Toby has kept having fun while baking his way to his fundraising target.…


Our top tips for fundraising

Are you just getting started on your fundraising journey? Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut and need a little boost to get you going again. Our top tips for…


Theo's fundraising story: Building community relations to help raise money

Theo has been extremely busy with his fundraising throughout lockdown and has no plans to slow down! He’s been working hard to build a great reputation by volunteering within his…