High Five for Immersive School Travel

School expeditions and learning outside the classroom are all designed to challenge students on a physical, social, morale and mental level. It is not only an inspiring and collaborative time with their friends but allows students to engage in global issues introduced in the classroom in real-life situations.

The greatest opportunity for schools and teachers to empower young adults to give back is by incorporating learning outside the classroom programmes that encourage them to interact with local communities and develop essential life skills by exploring meaningful experiences overseas. Life skills and teaching our students to become responsible and contributing citizens are important – and involving young adults in experiential travel is an excellent way of teaching our future leaders the ropes in a guided and facilitated manner.

Why immersive school expeditions?

Authentic Experiences

Going ‘off grid’, away from the tourist trail coupled with authenticity from meaningful local interactions makes an immersive school expedition impactful. This, along with educating student travellers on cultural differences, engenders mutual respect between travellers and hosts and allows students to challenge their perspectives.

Meaningful Contributions

When young adults are given the opportunity to help build public amenities, plant trees or find practical solutions to ease food shortages, they learn how to overcome real-world challenges. They also gain first-hand experience of how their personal actions can contribute to the sustainable improvement of communities and the environment.

Creating Global Citizens

To be an effective Global Citizen, young adults must be flexible and proactive. Immersive expeditions provide the environment to develop life skills such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

Personal Development Journey

They enable students to step outside of their comfort zone, gaining extra-curricular experience highly regarded by universities and employers. In addition, the health benefits are vast; improved positive mental health and wellbeing, greater resilience and self-awareness and lessened anxiety and stress for instance.

Going on expedition has completely changed my global perspectives. It has made me a lot more determined to search for ways to help other people and go out of my comfort zone with new experiences.

Emily Betteridge, travelling student to Kenya

Camps International understand the need to provide these opportunities for your students and are passionate about delivering exceptional immersive school expeditions that connect you and your and students to the real world in destinations such as Kenya, Borneo, Cambodia and Peru.

While Camps International work towards achieving a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable projects, opportunities are abundant for students and teachers to make a difference, and the advantages are numerous, both for the traveller and the global community.

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