Stuart Rees Jones

Founder and CEO

Stu’s first chosen career was as a British Army Officer and whilst he loved every minute, he always wanted to build his own business. He decided to make the leap and spent several years leading expeditions to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro. He felt frustrated that he was unable to make a significant and lasting impact on the host environments and saw that a permanent camp, co-located and staffed by the community, to deliver on local challenges could be a solution. The company was started in Kenya, he learnt Swahili and spent a couple of years with our team developing the community-based model that we have now been able to emulate in South East Asia and Latin America. Since then he has travelled around the world to our various Camps. It has given him a connection with the people, wildlife and environments that our business is built around and affords him the privilege of working with the huge diversity of inspiring people worldwide that make up our brilliant team.