Fundraising in lockdown

It’s been an unusual time for all of us across the globe, but many of our travelling students changed their fundraising plans and have continued to be really successful!

We’ve been so impressed with the creativity and perseverance of our volunteers across the globe, we couldn’t wait to share their amazing stories! Keep reading to find out some of the most inspiring ideas. Could any of these be a good addition to your fundraising activities this month?


Hope’s masks

My fundraising was progressing steadily, and I’d made a few hundred pounds from Christmas fetes and craft sales. I also had plans for an auction evening. Unfortunately, Covid-19 arrived and all my plans came to a complete standstill. The government then announced that wearing face masks was advised so my mum and I, being dab hands on a sewing machine, thought we could raise a few pounds making face masks. We set to it and my grandma helped out too. We thought we’d try to raise £50 to £100 but we were blown away by the response. So far, we have raised nearly £900!


Bethan’s cake stall

We are lucky to live in the countryside and with everyone staying at home for their holidays and with cafes and restaurants closed, we decided to take advantage. We set up a table near a local walk, loaded it with cake, coffee, tea, sanitizer and water and people were very happy to see us at the end of their long walk to purchase our cakes. We made $300AUD in total! It was hard knowing when the time is right and safe to start fundraising again, but life has to go on and things need to get back to some sort of normality.


Morgan’s Ebay experience

Whilst in lockdown, we noticed that people were taking bags of clothes to the charity bins and because they weren’t being collected and the clothes were being left strewn across the floor. We put a status out on Facebook explaining what I was doing and asked if anyone could donate any unwanted clothes to me. We managed to collect 12-15 bin liners full of clothes and so we put everything that was donated on Ebay at a starting bid of £0.99 (approx. $1.80AUD). To date we have sold 654 items, raising £2,310 (approx. $4,100AUD).


Amelia’s plant sale

During lockdown, lots of people had started to walk past my house and as garden centres were closed, I decided I would sell some plants. We split some plants in the garden and I found a wholesaler where I bought plants to sell on. I ended up making over £1,500 (approx. $2,700AUD) in one month! I also sold manure from my horse which was really successful too. I was shocked by how much money I was able to make during lockdown and how generous people have been by donating plants for me to sell from their own gardens.


Have you tried out any of these ideas yourself? Have any other success stories to share? We’d love to hear them!

If you’d like to share your story, get in contact with us at and you could be featured on our website!

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