Zero Tolerance of Abuse Statement

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

Every single, highly valued member of our team makes Camps an extraordinary organisation. We’re a diverse bunch of over 170 people, made up of many different nationalities, languages and backgrounds, but we all share the same passion and goal; to deliver the best school travel experiences with exceptional customer service.

We are proud to be a social enterprise with philanthropic aims at our heart. Dignity and respect are core and fundamental to the work we do and similarly we aim to treat all our customers with professionalism, dignity and respect.

Unfortunately, we must now remind clients that we also have the right to be treated with that same respect and be allowed to carry out our work without violence, abuse or harassment. Any verbal or physical behaviour, which causes our employees to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Our Zero Tolerance policy includes aggression or threats made in person, over the telephone or in written communication. We consider threatening behaviour to be:

  • The use of aggressive, threatening or abusive language (including raising of the voice, swearing and cursing, shouting & hate speech) which threatens or intimidates employees.
  • Attempted or actual aggressive, threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff.

This policy applies throughout the company and to any employee away from the business premises on official business for Camps International.

Camps International reserves the right to cease verbal or written correspondence with anyone found to be in breach of this policy.