2024 School Travel Organiser Awards Finalist

Thank you to all that nominated us! We are delighted to announce we are finalists in the Best School Tour Operator (Large) category for the 2024 School Travel Organiser Awards.

We are honoured to have worked with more than 1,000 schools, and over 50,000 students and teachers have joined us on expedition. Our 400 sustainable projects have impacted more than 120,000 lives globally, creating unforgettable adventures. Being announced as a finalist in the Best School Tour Operator (Large) category as part of the School Travel Awards is a recognition of our hard work in creating life-changing experiences and strengthens our school trip offerings.

We would love to be announced as the winner in the category so if you are a Teacher or EVC within the UK please consider voting for us one more time.

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Finalist for the School Travel Awards 2024

Here is a little more about us and why we have been nominated…

Transformative Expeditions for Global Citizens

Our Global Citizens expedition connects students to the real world in diverse destinations. We believe in unleashing the power of education beyond the classroom. Our school expeditions immerse students in discovery, extending education through life-enhancing experiences and authentic community interactions.

Passionate About Exceptional School Expeditions

Our team at Camps International is dedicated to providing these opportunities. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional school expeditions that connect students to the real world in destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, Borneo, Cambodia, Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica. We support you every step of the way, from initial meetings to the moment you return home.

What Makes Our Expeditions Special?

  • Nurturing Curiosity and Inspiring Empathy: Each expedition empowers students to become global citizens, leaders, and change-makers.
  • Educational Value: Our expeditions offer multi-dimensional learning experiences, transforming classroom theories into real-world applications. Students develop fieldwork skills, study ecosystems and biodiversity, practice languages, and gain a genuine understanding of global challenges.
  • Authentic Experiences: Going off-grid and engaging in meaningful local interactions educate students on cultural differences, fostering mutual respect and challenging their perspectives.

Empowering Students

Our expeditions empower students to engage in meaningful activities like building amenities, planting trees, or addressing food shortages. They learn to overcome real-world challenges and develop a deep sense of empathy. Fundraising activities make expeditions accessible to all students, providing them with opportunities, knowledge, and skills for life’s adventures. We support students from the day they sign up to the moment they embark on their journey, equipping them with the tools needed to succeed in fundraising, reach their goals, and grow into well-rounded young adults.

Safety and Confidence

Travel with confidence knowing that safety is our top priority. Our experienced staff and rigorous planning ensure participants’ safety. From pre-departure training to on-site support, our robust safety measures provide a secure experience for all.

If you are a teacher or EVC in the UK you can vote for us here

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