Our ethics and sustainability

Ethical travel without compromise 

Travel – when done responsibly – can be an incredible force for good around the globe. It creates global connections, brings income into rural areas, fosters tolerance and understanding, respects and regenerates fragile environments, engages communities, supports local economies and educates both travellers and hosts. 

Since the very start, we have been absolutely committed to doing things the right way at Camps. At every level we ensure we are working to maximise our positive impact and minimise any harm. Our uncompromising approach to responsible travel has always been fundamental to who we are.  

This, in turn, ensures we deliver the most authentic and impactful experiences for those who travel with us and for the people and places we work with. 


We involve local people

We partner with local community leaders in all locations, establish long-term relationships with communities prior to building camps and only build camps on community land where we have identified a need for our presence. We employ and train staff from the community and ensure locals are involved in all decision making. 


We support local economies 

We employ local, buy local and build local, purchasing sustainable and locally produced products for our camps and encouraging our travellers to purchase from local stores and markets. We pay local taxes and ensure a percentage of our profits always remain in country.


We make a positive contribution to conservation

We never exploit or contribute towards illegal activities involving wildlife or the environment. Our projects promote and support wildlife and environmental conservation. We educate our travellers on the environmental challenges of each of our camps. 


We uphold the highest ethical standards

All our projects bring real benefit to the communities and by working in partnership with locals we ensure we prioritise work that is most wanted and needed. Our travellers never take work away from a paid local person and we assess all our projects against extensive internal Ethical Guidelines to maintain our uncompromising commitment to best practise in safeguarding, animal welfare and sustainability 


We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects are designed to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we are a member of the UN Global Compact, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. This ensures we are consistently aligning our operations – from our projects on the ground to our wider business strategies – with universal principles on sustainability, human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 


We minimise any negative impact

We are privileged to work in some of the world’s most amazing environments and we take great care to protect them. We ensure appropriate management of waste, water and energy, operate a single use plastic-free policy across all our camps and have implemented plastic-reduction policies across our entire business.


We help create equal opportunities and avoid exploitation

We support enterprises run by women and minority groups and ensure we do not participate in exploitation or discrimination against women, children and minority groups through activities such as unethical orphanage visits. 


We provide authentic experiences through meaningful connections with locals

We become part of the communities we work with, so we have a deep understanding of local cultures and traditions. Local interaction is key to all our expeditions and we educate our travellers on cultural understanding, engendering mutual respect between travellers and hosts.