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Fundraising Friday Star - Hannah Udall

At Camps International, we have one day a year that we join you guys with fundraising! Every year on our birthday (29th May), we have started what we have called the Camps 100% Giving Day.  We felt that with all the fundraising you guys have undertaken towards our projects over the years, the very least we could do was to give one day a year where everyone in the company committed to some form of fundraising or challenge.

Fundraising Friday Star - Joel Beardmore

Merry Friday to all and to all a good weekend! I'm feeling rather jolly today as you can probably tell, but it may just be all the coffee...

I've been on the phones a lot this week chatting to you lovely lot! Mostly about your payments, if you do have any concerns about fundraising or if you aren't sure if you have a payment outstanding give us a ring and ask! We won't bite, we promise! Plus we love chatting away!!!

Fundraising Friday Star - Esme Taylor

Happy Friday guys! I hope you're all good and not getting too stressed out by revision. Time to take a quick revision break, grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get reading.

Our fundraising friday star is a real gem, who has integrated smaller fundraising events with bigger ones, which is something most of you know that we love talking about! She is now really running with her fundraising... Terrible pun intended! Her lovely mum wrote this entry for her so that Esme can continue with her revision.

Looking For Overseas Work This Summer?

Every year during our peak season Camp Borneo welcomes back a few familiar faces to help out as interns. These are usually past gappers or students who have joined us on a trip before and just can’t stand to be away! This blog has been written by Chris and Laura who were interns last year in Borneo and enjoyed it so much that they’re coming back again this year. It’s hard work and long hours but the rewards are clear as you will see from their blog below.

Fundraising Friday Star - James!!

Hey Guys!! Sophie and Harry are both off today so I have chosen to share the story of someone who has only just signed up, but who is using his current skills to do something a bit unusual. Plus it is not affecting his GCSE revision sessions. 

Let me leave James to tell you all about it...

Hello! My name is James Ford and I'm going to Ecuador for the trekking expedition in 2016!!! I am looking forward to going and seeing what it's like!

Fundraising Friday Star - Naomi Hooper!

Hey guys! Amazing Friday is here! Finally! Woooooooo!!!! 

A new voice for you this week -------------> Hazza!!! (that's me!) :)

I've been working for Camps for about 3 years now, since my expedition to Borneo with my school back in 2011. Basically I have now joined the fundraising team to help our volunteers raise all their cash through fundraising alone - just as I did!!


It was a huge blessing to have a dedicated team of 19 pax from Avon Valley School (UK) last Month.This group spent two weeks in Tsavo doing a community project work at Sasenyi Primary School; School located in the rurals of Kenya-Tsavo Region. They got engaged on making 10 desks for 20 children who have been siting on the floor due to lack of chairs and they desperately needed desks in class.The group loved the experience in Kenya and mentioned the trip as an eye opening to them.......................................

Tom Cowan:

Fundraising Friday Star - Chris Beeks

Just another manic Friday! I know the song is meant to be Monday, but oh well, I’m the master of my own destiny and I will rewrite songs if I want to!... You can tell it has been a long week can’t you? Please excuse me being slightly mad, but I guess it is no different to how everyone around the office sees me day in and day out!

Moving swiftly on, our Fundraising Friday Star today is a rather incredible one! It definitely caught my eye, and I’m sure it will catch yours too… Meet Chris, and his amazing mum Tammy!


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