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This week’s entry is a little bit different in that rather from hearing from a student, we have had a parent email in. It’s so encouraging to see parents being so supportive and just goes to show that it’s not just us raving on about fundraising, parents are just as impressed as we are! We love the enthusiasm! Read on to learn more about what Liam has been up to…


I love it when you see a photo or a video and are instantly inspired! That’s how I felt when I saw the photos for this weeks Fundraising Friday Star entry, Lauren took part in a colour obstacle rush in order to fundraise and it looks like it was so much fun! The only thing that does put me off is the actual running part, I’m not exactly what you would call fit…anyway, that’s more than enough about me, over to Lauren, our well deserved winner. Read on to find out why…


The best thing about my job is that I get to chat to you lot about how you’re getting on- some of you are used to me ringing you up for a good old chinwag and others I haven’t spoken to much (give us a call, I’d love to chat!) My favourite thing is when you get in contact with me out of the blue with something really positive.

Kenya Memories

We said our goodbyes to the incredible CPhI Angels on Sunday. It was a pleasure to spend the week with such a fantastic group of people, with an inspiring desire to step up and do something amazing.

After completing the classroom floor at Sasyeni School, we spent our last days in Kenya learning more about the day to day lives of the Tsavo community.

Tanzania BU SDX 2015 Blog

Whilst being students at Bournemouth University we have possessed a wonderful experience, full of unforgettable memories. We all feel like our sport knowledge and skills have been well utilized. We feel rewarded for the work that we have done to this little world. There’s nothing more self-fulfilling than making a difference and changing someone’s life forever. Our sport development mission in Tanzania is complete, however, no one feels like leaving……..……..

What a difference a summer makes

As many of you are aware, one of our major projects over the summer was some serious work in the local primary school within the community at Camp Kuri Kuchu. Our volunteers worked on a seemingly endless list of projects all designed to ensure the school would not be shut down by the local authorities. Humberto Fierro school is one of a dwindling number of tri-lingual schools in Ecuador. The school teaches Spanish, English and most importantly, the local Quechua language used by many within the community.

Fundraising Friday Star - Kira!!

I remember when touch screens first came out and everyone was raving about them. I was too for about five minutes until I learnt that my little fingers were doomed to press about five letters at once- yes it does produce entertaining autocorrects but its not exactly productive! Kira, however, has been extremely productive and has an extremely impressive set of nails that I’m sure aided her in her touch screen emailing antics! All jokes aside, contacting companies takes dedication and patience.


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