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Shrewsbury Geography Fieldwork Trip

This month we had a group of International School students from Bangkok for their A-Level Geography Fieldwork Summary for Cambridge International Syllabus. They were studying the topics on Crowded Coasts & environments Fieldwork (various locations along the Kota Kinabalu coastline, including the port, islands, boardwalk, airport, business districts and tourist areas) and Population, Migration and Economic Transition (various locations around water village, outskirts of KK, townships, villages around KK)

Hakuna Matata - Kenya/Tanzania Recce Blog 2015

Hi all, my name is Emma and I work on the Expeditions team for Camps International. This October I got the opportunity to go to Kenya and Tanzania on the Teacher’s recce.

Throughout the course of the week, we visited several camps, local projects and communities. We landed in Tanzania at 9am, after flying through the night (and having several plane breakfasts!). Whilst there we visited Camp Mbokomu, Camp Kidia and spent two days at Camp Tanga (our beach camp – the views are absolutely stunning!).


This week’s star has got it sussed when it comes to getting the word out. Not only has she created her own website but she has also managed to have a piece written about her fundraising journey in her local newspaper- nice one!

She’s also apparently a star in the making, gaining sponsorship by singing and selling cd’s, can you send us one into Camps please?!


I’ve always wanted to hold an auction, purely to be able to look important and get to use one of those little wooden hammers if I’m honest which isn’t that great a reason. Alex however, clearly has more reason than me because she’s only gone and raised over £1700 in one night AND organised a disco AND a buffet. You guessed it, it’s our Fundraising Friday Star and this week’s winner has been extremely busy…


When faced with the task of choosing between a Twirl or a Twix, it’s pretty much a no brainer. Forget the left side, right side debate; ultimately I think we can all agree that in this situation, two is better than one. The same can easily be said for fundraising; splitting the ‘to-do’ list down the middle can make fundraising all that more enjoyable and is a means of managing time more efficiently whilst keeping each other motivated. If you’re going to be hanging out with your mates on the weekend anyway, why not put aside a few hours to talk fundraising?


I remember once being at the bottom of a mighty hill on my noble stead of a pushbike, when the Rumble Strips ‘Motorcycle’ came onto my mp3 by chance on shuffle- if you haven’t heard it already I suggest you get onto YouTube immediately after reading this post. I can only hope that Tobias had an epic playlist during his fundraising antics, he only went and cycled to Germany. Lets just say that again for effect, he CYCLED to Germany. And raised over £2000 by doing it! Impressed? Me too, read on to find out how…


You’ve heard the saying about the glass right? You know, is it half full or half empty? Mine, for starters, is not a glass but a mug (containing coffee, obviously) and as for whether it’s half full or empty, well…my general outlook on life largely reflects the contents of my stomach, if I’m hungry the glass is definitely half empty! Caitlin, however, clearly has more important things to worry about and clearly has a lot on her plate other than food (pardon the pun).


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