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Cambodian Photos and update

I wanted to write a quick blog and show off some photos for non-twitter followers.  As Camps International's Director for Asia, its my role to oversee the whole summer programme and get around as much as possible to see school teams hard at work and in the thick of the action.  This year i have based myself mainly in Cambodia, and have also undertaken several treks with teams.  I have quite a few twitter followers but for non twitter users you may not have seen the range of photos i have been posting.

Week three and it's a FULL house

Week three is almost finished and as of 1 am this morning, all of our teams for 2015 are safe and sound in country, even if a few bags are still in Madrid…

Our co-ed teams have risen to the girl’s initial challenge and some of our projects are already nearing completion. The ceremonial ‘termascal’ in Camp Kuri Kuchu is on target for its inauguration at an important community festival in early August. I’m pretty sure that any teams visiting after that time are going to want to try it out.

Team Ikan Blog

Life in Camp Tinangol, well where do I start? Because it has got so many amazing qualities. I think I might start with the camp itself. It has beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. It is big and spacious but not too big that you have to walk for ages! It is on the edge of the jungle and the sounds are amazing. The long houses are spacious and surprisingly comfortable. They are made out of all natural materials so they blend in with the environment and it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It is surrounded by wildlife.

If only Uganda had broadband!

Dear Uganda Team Parents,

The Camps Team would like to apologise for the limited social media reports that you are receiving from Uganda. It has been and continues be extremely difficult to upload images to the net in Uganda, we have people standing for days under random trees on the River Nile searching for network, donkeys transporting memory sticks from the height's of Mount Elgon and motor bikes shifting laptops from Rhino Sanctuaries on mud filled roads to remote village internet Café's.

CAMP BENG PAE from July 14th - 25th

CAMP BENG PAE - July 14th - 25th, 2015

Camp Beng Pae opens the gate on July 14th 2015 and is hosting the group until July 26th. The first group is Ronearl (ibish), second group is Sarika (minor bird) and the third group is Sek (parrot). As soon as the group arrived to camp, Sunny the camp manager and his local team are greeting them with big happy smile and check them in to camp. He then walk the group in to the community and show to them about the local lifestyle, as well as to show to the group the projects.

Team Orangutan Blog

After such a long journey, arriving at Camp Tinangol was a relief. The expectations of the food were pretty low but we were all taken by surprise at how good it was and seconds were even on the cards! Sleeping in a long house on the first night was an experience, especially feeling almost exposed to the outdoors but good sleep was had all around. A 6am wake up call was a little early but we were all ready and raring to go! The walk to the project site was pretty far but everyone kept the spirits high for the day of work ahead.


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