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Happy Friday fundraisers! This weeks star is an entrepreneur in the making- home made scones, soaps and earrings is there anything she can’t make?? My favorite fundraisers are those who find something they like so much that they continue with it even after they’ve raised the money for Camps - bit of extra pocket money anyone? Tia’s soaps and earrings look so great, i’d love it if she continued to make them…Read on to find out what Tia’s been up to…

Team Neak - Students' Feedback

This is team Neak (Dragon). The below information is the extract from the students' feedback:


Traveling to Cambodia has been such an amazing experience and I am certainly geatfull for the opportunity I was given to visit. Living amongth the local community, monks and my new found friends is definately something I will remember forever. Cambodia is such a beautiful country and I am proud to say I have been.


We've had a fantastic summer in Kenya-Camp Tsavo and at the moment we are all back home safely. I  thought to share this amazing experience with you......................

Breakfast was  as usual at 7:30am and then we were off to project work! The projects varied from improving primary school infrastructures to helping local women in their farms as well as helping to expand water catchment in a wildlife sanctuary.

Dancing in Perú

Anyone who has ever been to Peru before will know that if there is one thing Peruvians love it is a good dance. The variety of traditional dances is astounding and our volunteers are lucky that our camps are all in geographically and culturally distinct locations. This means that throughout their expedition a school will come across a whole host of costumes and music, all with unique and special significance. Below are just a few examples of what you can experience whilst on a Camps expedition to Peru.

Team Garuda - Sudents' Feedback

Group's picture in the ruined temple called Beng Mealea. The temple is nearly one thousand years old.

This is Team Garuda group picture in Beng Mealea ruined temple near camp Beng Mealea. They traveled through Cambodia in four weeks, lived in the community camp and worked with local staffs to develop the community lives. Below is the students' feedback right before the end of their trip.


Behind the scenes at Camp Ecuador

You all know about the amazing work that happens during team season every year, and we thought that perhaps you might enjoy a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. As you can imagine, preparing for a few hundred teenagers to arrive into a foreign country is no small task. Not only are there the camps to get ready, there is the food – very, very important, all of the project supplies to arrange and of course, quite a lot of interviews and training for all of our support staff both in the communities and here at HQ.

Norsalleh The Forest Guardian

Late last year we were asked by the UK online Magazine - Trek and Mountain for an interview for a "local hero". The Local Heroes section basically involves hearing from the guys on the ground (local porters, chefs, trek leaders..) who help make trips so memorable for tourists travelling abroad to hike. We agreed to it after selecting a local hero that would be a great fit on the specific section featuring our local hero. The interview ran in June this year and published for Trek and Mountain.


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