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Our First Gap Projects in Camp Titicaca - Peru

After what seems years of preperation and a small team season in 2014, we finally welcomed our first Gap group to Peru in January 2015. As you would have already read in previous blogs we started a long-term project of providing bathrooms for the community surrounding Camp Titicaca in July 2014.  School teams in the summer did a fantastic job and our first Gap team have matched it. We are set to have completed three complete bathrooms (with toilet and showers facilities, running water and electricity) by the time the group leave the camp later this month.

A guide to biodiversity project work

So I know I usually write the silliest blogs ever, but I'm not quite the air head I seem to be(!). Camps International means a lot to me, not just because of the incredible people I work with, or the beautiful places we visit. Camps International is not a company that plans holidays, what we do is create expeditions, which in turn create opportunities for people to grow and learn things they may otherwise not get the chance to. It takes a long time, and a lot of planning, and that is just the logistics of getting volunteers to the country they want to go to.


Well, It's a New Year ,New Gappers in Our New Camp, all pleasantly enjoying the Camp Tsavo incredible environment and the services from our friendly staff. The group has been working solidly on a new boys toilet block in one of the local schools close to our Camp.They are all having a fantastic moment and this is what they have to share..............

Fundraising Friday Star - Hannah Hanlan

After a rather terrible start to the morning thanks to the -6 weather here, and my car door being frozen shut.... [yup, that actually happened, only me!] It brightened up my day no end to find a few new Fundraising Friday Star applications in my inbox, some of your stories are so incredible it is actually becoming a serious struggle to pick only one winner every week.

Fundraising Friday Star - Adam Cyster

It's been another crazy week, one of those weeks where you feel like you've been working non-stop but feel like you haven't got a single thing done! Add that to the fact that it's January, it's gloomy and the post-christmas blues are in full swing! The only thing keeping a smile on my face is hearing about everyones fundraising.

Fundraising Friday Star - Ella McPherson

It’s the first week back at work after a little break, my mind has been fuzzy and my inbox has been full! Plus I’ve had a thousand and one things to do, so it’s always lovely when it gets to Friday and I get to blog about some awesome fundraising!

Without further ado, congratulations Ella! Here’s Ella’s story:


I read a quote recently from an American Ambassador stationed in Cambodia in the late 1990’s, which said, “Cambodia is an extremely dangerous country… you fall in love with it and then it breaks your heart!”  And do you know what…it is so true!

Christmas at Camps HQ

'Twas the night before Campsmas, when all through the office

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Sophie;

The presents were slung under the tree with care,

In the hopes that secret santa soon would be there;

The camps staff were snuggled in their Christmas gear;

Whilst songs about reindeers were sung in their ears;

Even though our brains had settled for a long winter's nap,

We tried our hardest to be as busy as we could,

When out in reception there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.

Bongkud Community Hall Opening

The following is a press release issued for the official opening of the Bongkud Community Centre last week.  It was a great occasion, befitting the awesome completed building, and the thousands of hard graft, blood, sweat and tears which went into the project over the past 3 years or so.  I would like to thank everyone involved along the way, putting their heart and soul into the project.  


Helping local communities: Camp Borneo officiates Asang Community Hall in Bongkud, Ranau.


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