Unlock cashback for your expedition

How family members can unlock cashback for your expedition.

Last year, 135 of our students collectively raised an incredible £31,881 towards their expedition thanks to their family members. And, the best bit? Every penny was for free.  Yes, you have read correctly. Our students found a really simple, effective and free way to help chip away at their expedition target.

Read on to find out their secret.


How did our students raise £31,881?

By signing up to easyfundraising and signing all their family members up too. easyfundraising partners with over 8,000 online shops, so you can earn free cashback whenever someone you know buys something online. This could be anything from their weekly food shop, buying clothes, something for the home, booking a holiday, train tickets, renewing insurance and more. And, like we said earlier, it’s completely free.

How does it work exactly?

It’s Friday night, and Mum or Dad says, we’re having pizza for dinner. Instead of visiting the Domino’s website, if they went to the easyfundraising website or app first and then went to the Domino’s website and ordered, you would receive cashback. Because Domino’s knows you’ve visited their site through easyfundraising, the two large pizzas, wedges, and dessert would give you £1.09 towards your expedition.


But why is it free?

Retailers want to be part of something meaningful by contributing to people, communities, and students like you who are committed to doing meaningful and sustainable project work. They offer a flat cashback amount or a percentage donation on every online purchase through easyfundraising.

Is it really worth signing up?

See for yourself. Here are some of the top achievers from 2023:

  • Rebecca P has raised £1,391.25 so far with the help of eight supporters.
  • Taylor T has raised £1,156.73, backed by seven supporters.
  • Freya B has raised £857.22 supported by 15 of her friends and family, and she still has over a year to raise even more!

How can I get started?

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve set up your easyfundraising account.

Open your easyfundraising account

Once registered, head to ‘Refer a Friend.’ Share your unique referral link with your family. When they hit their first £5 in cashback, you’ll get a bonus £5 bonus towards your expedition. Registration is easy and will take them a couple of minutes to complete.


I’ve got a question!

Don’t worry; help is always at hand. Anna Gibson, easyfundraising’s fundraising expert, is happy to answer any questions. Just drop her an email.

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