Running a Raffle

One of our most commonly asked questions is ‘Can we run a raffle to raise funds?’ – The good news is that the answer is yes! 

However, you must adhere to specific rules and regulations governing charitable and non-commercial lotteries. We asked our fundraising expert Anna, from easyfundraising, for her advice:

Anna’s Guide to Running a Raffle:

  • Your raffle must be organized for a non-commercial purpose, such as funding your expedition.
  • If you running your raffle as part of a group, organization, or school, you can typically register as a “small society lottery with your local council.” This category is suitable for non-commercial purposes.
  • Create and print raffle tickets that comply with legal requirements. Include essential details, such as the name of your cause ‘ie: Aidan’s Kenya Expedition’, ticket price, draw date, contact information, and a space for the purchaser’s name and contact details.
  • Set a fixed price for each ticket so that everyone pays the same price and be mindful of prize limits. In the UK, individual prizes cannot exceed £25,000, and ticket sales for each lottery cannot exceed £20.
  • Sell tickets to individuals aged 16 and over. Conduct all sales in advance of the draw and avoid selling tickets to individuals under 16.
  • Promote your raffle within your community and, if applicable, to a broader audience. Use various methods, such as social media, flyers, and word of mouth, to sell tickets.
  • Hold a fair and transparent draw on the scheduled date. Make sure the draw is open to anyone who has purchased a ticket, and provide the prizes as promised.
  • Maintain detailed records of ticket sales, the draw, and the allocation of proceeds. Accurate record-keeping is essential for transparency and compliance purposes.
  • It is worth opening a separate bank account for your raffle proceeds and indeed, all fundraised monies. This will help you manage the funds effectively and provide transparency so no funds look like they are going into an account that is used for everyday purposes. Use this account to pay the direct debit or the fees as they come due from this account where possible.
  • If in doubt, always check with your local councils as sometimes they can differ in the things you need to do to be compliant. Therefore, prior to running any lottery or raffle, contact your local council or authority to ensure your raffle complies with current UK laws and regulations.

Got everything in place?  Don’t forget to read the blog article on ‘Securing Raffle Prizes for your Fundraising’ to really make the most from your event.

This article was written by our fundraising expert, Anna Gibson, from easyfundraising

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