Securing Raffle Prizes for your Fundraising

On the hunt for some good raffle prizes? Anna from easyfundraising gives her top tips on who to approach to secure those raffle prizes for your fundraising events.

While it’s not guaranteed that specific companies will offer free raffle prizes, many businesses in the UK are open to supporting good causes by providing donations or prizes. Here are types of companies that often consider offering raffle prizes:

Local Businesses:

Small local shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques often contribute gift cards, vouchers, or products for community events and raffles.


Most major supermarkets have a staff member whose job is to support local people raising for a good cause. For example, Tesco’s call this person their ‘Community Champion’. Most chains may offer gift vouchers, hampers, or food-related prizes for local events, especially if the event aligns with their community outreach goals. Go to the customer service desk of your local supermarket and ask them who you need to speak to regarding getting raffle prizes.

Top Tip: Ask when the Community Champion will be in store and make an appointment to discuss why you are fundraising and most importantly what you are looking for in terms of prizes.

Raffle Prizes on Table

Entertainment Venues:

Movie theatres, amusement parks, or entertainment venues might provide tickets or vouchers for their facilities as raffle prizes.

Museums, galleries, local tours, or sports venues:

They often provide tickets or passes as raffle prizes to support community events and individuals.

Beauty and Spa Services:

Salons, spas, or beauty service providers might offer vouchers for services as raffle prizes.

Local Artists or Crafters:

Artists, crafters, or artisans in the community may donate their creations as raffle prizes.

How to approach these companies for free raffle prizes:

Be Clear About Your Cause:
Clearly articulate about your expedition and how your contribution to in-country project work is going to make a difference. Also, give them details on your event, and how their support would contribute to you achieving your target.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to look at the Camps International Project Report filled with information on the projects you might be getting involved in.

Highlight Benefits for Them:
Emphasize the visibility and positive exposure their business will receive through acknowledgment at the event, on promotional materials, or on social media.

Express Gratitude:
Regardless of the outcome, express your gratitude for their consideration and any support they provide.

Remember to follow up with the companies and keep them informed about the success of your event and how their contribution made a difference. Building relationships and showing the positive impact of their support can lead to continued and expanded support in the future.

Send a thank you postcard for your raffle prizes

This article was written by our fundraising expert, Anna Gibson from easyfundraising

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