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Have you have seen numerous success stories from students successfully getting sponsorship for their expedition and wondered how do I do that?  We asked Anna from easyfundraising for some helpful tips…

You may wonder if it’s worthwhile approaching big brands and large corporates and the answer is a resounding YES – provided you make sure you contact the correct department dedicated to supporting local people and communities.

For example, many UK-based brands and companies have something called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These are aimed at giving back to the community and addressing various social, environmental, and economic challenges and it’s really worth researching which companies have these initiatives and then writing to their CSR department.

Corporate Sponsorship

Here are some notable UK brands known for their CSR initiatives:


Unilever is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Their Sustainable Living Plan focuses on improving health and well-being, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing livelihoods.

Marks & Spencer:

Marks & Spencer is recognized for its sustainability efforts. They have set ambitious goals related to reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water usage, as well as promoting sustainable sourcing and ethical practices.


Tesco, a major supermarket chain, focuses on community engagement, sustainable sourcing, reducing food waste, and promoting healthy living. They have initiatives like the Tesco Community Food Connection and the Bags of Help programme.

Lloyds Banking Group:

Lloyds Banking Group is involved in various CSR initiatives, including support for mental health through their partnership with Mental Health UK and community projects through the Lloyds Bank Foundation.


Barclays has a strong focus on sustainability and social impact. Their initiatives encompass climate action, financial inclusion, skills development, and community support through programmes like Barclays LifeSkills and Barclays Eagle Labs.


Sainsbury’s has commitments to reduce environmental impact, minimise waste, and support local communities. They actively engage in charitable activities through the Sainsbury’s Local Charity scheme.

BT Group:

BT is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting digital inclusion. Their CSR efforts include initiatives to support education, improve digital skills, and contribute to a circular economy.


Vodafone focuses on sustainability and social development. They have initiatives related to digital connectivity, digital inclusion, and improving the environmental impact of their operations.


Aviva, a leading insurance company, is involved in community engagement and sustainable practices. They have initiatives like the Aviva Community Fund and the Aviva Foundation, which support various community projects.

John Lewis Partnership:

John Lewis Partnership, which includes John Lewis and Waitrose, emphasises sustainability, responsible sourcing, employee well-being, and community involvement. They have ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions and waste.

These are just a few examples, and many other companies in the UK prioritise CSR and sustainability as part of their business strategies. For the most up-to-date and detailed information about their CSR initiatives, you can visit the respective company websites and explore their sustainability or CSR sections.

Don’t forget to acknowledge any sponsorships and follow the following advice when approaching companies:

  • Be clear about your cause
  • Highlight the benefits for them
  • Express gratitude

More detail is included in: Securing Raffle Prizes for your Fundraising

This article was written by our fundraising expert, Anna Gibson from easyfundraising

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