March Update: UK School Departures Summer 2021

As the UK vaccination programme continues to progress at pace, and key decision dates from government start to become apparent, we continue to manage multiple scenarios for all our clients. We are busier than ever discussing potential options with schools daily.

The British Government has ear-marked the 12th April for a review of travel restrictions and a tentative date of 17th May is in place to mark what should be the start of international travel. There appears to be real intent to return the UK to relative normality by the summer, clearly something we’re all looking forward to…

Nothing is yet certain though and the nature of the past year has taught us that we must constantly model multiple outcomes to create as many options for our schools and volunteers as possible. We are trying our best to be helpful, fair and consistent and to provide creative solutions for a constantly evolving landscape.

Until we are explicitly prevented from delivering the summer expedition season by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice, we continue to plan for departures and indeed there is increasing positivity to support this eventuality. Equally, we understand that real concerns exist for some schools and families and this is why we have been working with schools since January to collaborate on options in advance of any travel advisories, restrictive or unrestrictive, which may or may not come into force.

The work involved in restructuring the travel arrangements for over 3,000 students and in excess of 300 schools is complex and painstaking, but our team are here to support you as we continue to work from our homes. We are purposefully not responding to requests or demands made on social media platforms, selecting the right course of action for all is extremely challenging so if you have concerns, please contact your school initially or one of our team if you feel we are better placed to help, via

Please understand it is certainly not in our interest to annoy or frustrate those we rely on and we will endeavour to accommodate your requests however possible. We still care deeply about providing exceptional experiences that make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Our small but mighty team are here to help!

Camps International Operations Team Photograph

Due to current government advice, all of our team are still working remotely. For the best support please contact us via the relevant email address below:

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