Camps International wins ‘Best Sustainable Organisation’ at the Global Youth Travel Awards

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Camps has been selected as the winner of ‘Best Sustainable Organisation’ at this year’s Global Youth Travel Awards.

This is a fantastic recognition of our commitment to sustainability at every level of our organisation, and our dedication and innovation in following eco-friendly practices and making responsible contributions to local communities.


Sustainability has become a global hot topic over the past year, in this era of climate crisis, Greta Thunberg and environmental activism. It is perhaps no surprise that there were a record number of entries in the Sustainability category of this year’s awards, as many organisations switch onto the importance of sustainable practises.

We are proud to have been pioneers in this field, leading the way for the last 18 years. Our commitment to sustainability is part of our DNA, it makes us who we are as an organisation and we’ve been living and breathing it since day one.

Camps founder and CEO Stuart Rees Jones said that this award marks a great moment for the whole Camps team: It’s always great to win awards, it reminds you that what you have is considered valuable to others, not just your team. Winning one that directly recognises the ethos and purpose of our company though is all the more special. Sustainability has been at the core of what we do since we started in 2002 so we are very grateful to the judges for recognising this and to everyone who has helped play a part.

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far, but our eyes are always on the horizon, seeking new opportunities to grow, increase our impact and do things even better. We want to thank everybody who has been a part of our journey so far and we look forward to helping lead the way in shaping a positive future for our planet, together.

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