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Diving is absolute freedom. You are free from gravity, weightless, as if you are flying. When you dive, nothing else matters. You experience tranquillity. Where time stands still, your heart beats slower and all your troubles and worries are left on solid ground. A feeling of deep relaxation comes over you because you only concentrate on your breathing, nothing prevents you from enjoying the natural world before you. It is the perfect opportunity to be amazed by the beautiful natural surroundings and to feel closer to nature.

When you dive, you’ll become one with the sea. After a few dives, you realize you’re more like an astronaut exploring a whole new planet. You could be one of those intrepid explorers, following in the footsteps of iconic biologist such as David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau. Don’t just take our word for it, some of our amazing expedition leaders have taken time out to tell you about their experiences under the sea …

“No two dives are the same” – Lorna

Lorna, an expedition leader at Camps who has done over 500 recreational dives, described the feeling of scuba diving as ‘flying in an alien world’ where no two dives are the same. She believes that you will always find something new and fascinating every time you submerge.

“A world away from everything” – Cameron

Cam, who is also an expedition leader at Camps, has 10 years of diving experience under his belt. He loves scuba diving for the life skills it has taught him, one of which being a sense of responsibility he feels when diving with a buddy. “The communication between you and your buddy is key when under the water. You need to make sure that your both calm, safe, well equipped and always checking your air. By doing this every dive, you will find that it becomes a natural part of your life and helps in other situations you may get into.”

“Makes you appreciate the ocean and what you have got” – Charlie

Charlie, a recently qualified PADI diver and expedition leader, described diving as exploring a completely different world. ” It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before when your under the water. The fish and the wildlife are not afraid of you and you forget about everything else in your life. There’s a feeling of peace and tranquillity.”

8 Benefits of Scuba Diving:

  1. Allows you to explore a new environment
  2. Gives you the opportunity to interact with marine life
  3. Encourages you to care about conservation of nature.
  4. Expands your social network with the buddy system
  5. Increases self confidence
  6. Instils a sense of calm
  7. Increases your fitness levels
  8. It’s fun

In many of our locations, you can take on the amazing challenge of mastering the fundamentals of Scuba Diving by taking your PADI Open Water Dive Course! You’ll meet your dive instructors who will give you a full briefing, before getting stuck in with practical lessons. Learn about your equipment and different diving techniques in a confined environment before undertaking a series of open water dives, surrounded by marine life The underwater world is awe-inspiring and will sure to deepen your appreciation and respect of the ocean!

Just some of the locations where you can combine impactful travel with the opportunity to master fundamentals of scuba diving are:

Kenya Scuba Expedition
Tanzania Scuba Expedition
Cambodia Scuba Expedition
Borneo Scuba Expedition
Costa Rica Scuba Expedition
Ecuador Scuba Expedition

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